Result it much better if they focused on

Result Control has a lot more words word than the experimental, It means by simply remembering the words, the person will not be bothered by any kind of distraction, listening to music can be a distraction over what that will happen on the result as we can see from the result the word that from control even has more varieties than the experimental which means the control has more focus on words that is provided. Basic words like mother and father became something that always mentioned by the participants, some unexpected word that is used or easy to be remembered or mention like mug and road also with unique word like It is a prove that multitasking or do everything at once is something that can make our brain lose focus at one task that we need to do In the first place, The result shows also shows how Experimental might felt challenge or probably have different target on how they remember things because of the fact that there is somehow a differences of mindset that the experimental DiscussionThe reality is that everybody has their own different kind of mind because of what they believe over it and what that they can conclude inside of the experiment is that everybody have their own way to remember and also it much better if they focused on one specific job to do because they probably can do it better than other did.

It is not cleared about how the effect of music can really give an impact on the score even though the proof that there are more variations of words that exist and also the possibility that the music can make people more focus on certain words that they might need to remember.The lack of using music can give advantage or disadvantage to people because of preference that people use or not.The result shows that experimental felt like it is more challenged because they might think that the experiment like a challenged because of the pressured that is given by the loud music even though the theory EvaluationWeaknessNot an exciting activity for some certain ages (one of the reason that can make a lot of differences for the result). This is not a household or common activity to do so we need to instruct or tell them well to make them understand what to do.The experiment has Bias measurement method that used by the researcher, lack of point or bias information to conclude or judge the answers. The Researcher do not check the Mental condition of the test subject did not check by the researcher before the experiment. Some of the participants do the research seriously that affect the result on how it sIt’s only in one kind activity the experiment should be made in a way that they also need to do actions like rearrange blocks or remember how a rubix cube can become all same colors again or how to reconstruct something with blocks or constructionStrength Base on other experiment.

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Has a case study.  The experiment can be done in a lot of people at once, It is easy to be done in practical way Fast experiment No complicated application and tools needed The experiment also give pure answers which is an advantage about how the researchers do not need to categorized  like informal interview which they need to examine the answer one by one and word by word while in this experiment, we can get the answer straight from the result because it is the answer that is provided  ConclusionThe hypothesis is correct from the result that we took that the is not diturbed  by the effect of music is actually have better result than the one that is disturbed or listen to the music so theory probably on how our brain only can focus on one thing even though maybe we can just  way more better than doing two things in the same time because of how our  brain works sometimes in a cognitive way that it needed to process the word just by looking at it.


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