responsibility referred, the police or the local authority

responsibility to promote social justice in relationsociety and in relation to people with they work, social workers have responsibilityto test negative discrimination. Therefore, social workers must always reviewand develop such values and knowledge in their own practice, culturaldifference requires social worker to gain the strengths of different culturalpractices.  Children and young people whooffend are dealt with very differently with different ages of criminalresponsibility, the child protection flied there are major difference in theconstruction of and ideas concerning abuse, the child protection work inrelation to interventions with children young people, their families andcarers. The problems may bein culture and ethnicity, social workers can more fully gain and take intojustification key issues when assessing children’s needs from this perspective.Social workers need to build upon these findings within their knowledge andvalue.

  Nationalservices persons care for children, (2017) in England, child protectof children who are at risk of abuse or have been used referrals andinvestigations, referral is request from a member of the public or aprofessional to the local authority child protection team or the police tointervene to support or protect a child, when reports about a child arereferred, the police or the local authority child protection tea will first assessif the child protection team will first assess if the child is at immediaterisk of danger. Whereas in Germany Nowacki(2017) demonstrated that if children, adolescents and their parents haveproblems with coping and at risk of abuse or been abused they apply for thesocial services themselves the individuals the process is into three steps,first step where the parents apply for help at the youth welfare services orlocal authority, second step would be a conference with different professionalsto take place at the youth worker from the community, social workers from theinstitutions of the town to meet and discuss. Additionally, the third step thecommunity social worker meets with the family to offer the special help anddiscusses the needs of the family. Department for Education (2011)children should be living with their parents as possible, families who struggleto deal with problems that might put the child at risk get extra support fromlocal authority to enable any concern to be addressed and the child can remainwith the family as much as possible. In cases where the child is foundstruggling or at risk of suffering abuse or being abused, the local authorityhas a legal responsibility to intervene toassume child protection investigations and to act to safeguard and encouragethe child’s welfare. At the same time, as local authorities take influences toapply to the courts for emergency protection orders and the police have powersto remove children so that they can act closely to protect a child, localauthorities cannot remove children from their parents’ care deprived of firstdiscussing the material to a court.

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Social services find it difficult to takechild into care, in every case they must be a case order the courts will haveconsidered all the evidence and taken the view that there is reasonable causeto believe that the child been abused or at risk of abuse. According, to the National Society for the Prevention ofCruelty to Children (2017) in England working together to safeguarding children 2015 policy andcontrol in England sets claims against the professional working with childrento which demonstrates that social workers must be qualitied or experienced inthe role. The local establishments have main accountability for safeguardingand encouraging the welfare for all the children and young people and defendingthem from maltreatment, to set management for the professionals to worktogether and task duties of the need for early help.


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