RESPONDING the receptionist at my workplace was

RESPONDING TO A CRISISCrisis is a situation that is expected to lead to problems. Crisis is something you don’t always plan for, it’s mostly unpredictable. Therefore, responding to crisis required a person who will be able to resolve it in a calm and peaceful manner without escalating the problem. For example, one day the receptionist at my workplace was tired and fell asleep on duty.

Then two teenage boys walk in the hotel and went upstairs to the fourth floor. They were drunk with knife and stick in their hands. However, I was doing rounds on the fourth floor, and I noticed something weird going on then I stood in a corner trying to see what they were up to. I noticed they were trying to force open room doors in the hotel. I stayed calm and rushed down stairs quietly to the reception, woke the receptionist up and give him heads up of what was happening. I asked the receptionist to keep an eye on them through the camera while I called the police. As the police were on their way, I informed the general manger who was off that day about what’s going on and he said he’s going to come to the hotel.After some minutes the police arrived and caught them, and they said they are homeless, so they are looking for somewhere to sleep.

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I suggested to the personnel to hire security guards to watch over the hotel and have more security cameras planted in the hotel. I also put barriers in the entrance before the reception desk which can only be opened by the receptionist or other hotel staffs. OVERBOOKINGThis is when we accept more reservations than the number of rooms we have to offer. Because of this we mostly end up having angry and frustrated customers whose satisfactions are not met. However, we know this can always have consequences but due to the nature of the business we must do it because we sometimes have no show customers.For example, one day we had a guy who made a reservation for one of our rooms.

When he arrived after a long trip under a very bad weather condition get to the hotel he was told by the receptionist that there is no room available for him to stay. With the ridiculous news he was so mad and frustrated.Nevertheless, in this situation I expect the customers to be upset. Therefore, whenever such problems occur, I try to remain calm and explain the situation clearly to the guest and possibly calm them down and make them comfortable for the mean time while thinking about what to do next.

I will also take necessary actions to meet the customer’s needs by searching for an alternative hotel around the neighbourhood and take care of all the processes involved. When I find another suitable hotel, I accompany the guest or ask one of my employees, to make sure they get to the new hotel and check in safely without any problem. Finally, I will try to avoid as much as I can to reduce overbooking our rooms by calling all customers who have made reservations to confirm their bookings and plan beforehand should in case a problem arises. I will also try to provide an after-sales customer service to encourage the customer to comeback to our hotel despite their bad experiences.


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