Research, part of many research projects, a

Research, most frequently, is a qualitative or quantitative data gathering process through interviews, questionnaires or other relevant approaches.

While such primary data gathering is a crucial part of many research projects, a lot more is implicated, and it is really proper to thoroughly reflect on data gathering as part of a bigger process that includes some vital steps before, during and after data collection. This assignment introduces the steps of the ‘research process’, it demonstrates the features within the process, and the linkages between its components. It is particularly relevant to have an understanding of the research process components before commencing information and data collection so that ideas of the research’s big picture are coherently determined. The purpose of this assignment is therefore to identify and explain the main stages of the research.Since life is a complex phenomenon, and the world in which we live is not in effect perfect, every individual person has a worldview. Thus, worldview develops over one’s lifetime and are conveyed through generations by means of social interactions, education, traditional and religious beliefs etc.

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