Our everyday lives are effected

Our everyday lives are effected by music.

People listen to it in the car, while grocery shopping, in the movies, at home, and practically anywhere else possible. There are many different types and styles of music such as: rock and roll, classical, rap, hardcore, Christian, jazz, reggae, country, and the list goes on. Each person has his or her own likes and dislikes of music that they enjoy. Listening to the lyrics, though, it is interesting to hear what musicians are actually saying. Some artists use lyrics in their songs to express explicit messages or to make people think. Other artists want to inspire people, while others are just relaxing.

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The type of music people listen to are personal opinions, but the lyrics can have surprising effects. It is not just the lyrics that affect people, but the way bands or musicians perform, the videos they make, and the way they act in public. If a band sings about death and acts it out on stage, fans may begin to act like that too. The way the band acts and what they say can influence people more than they think. Music is a very powerful force.

Its effects can be disgusting or delightful.Thesis: Because society embraces musicians and their messages as role models, we allow them to influence our society in any way they please.Bibliography:none

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