RESEARCH my own classmates and with those having

RESEARCH METHODOLOGYBefore embarking on the details of research methodology andtechniques practiced by me, it seems appropriate to present a brief overview ofthe same.

My research methodology consists of series of actions or stepsnecessary to effectively carry out the research and the desired sequencing ofthese steps. The flow chart shown below depicts my step to step methodology tocreate this research paper. All the steps mentioned in the chart are not mutuallyexclusive i.

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e. the steps overlaps continuously. So while formulating thisresearch work, all the time I have taken into account the subsequentprocedures. Otherwise serious difficulties may have arised which may evenprevent the completion of the study.A brief description of the above stated steps will behelpful.1.  Understanding the research topic :  The formulation of a general topic for aspecific research is a very essential part of a research work. And the samerequires a huge and precise understanding of the topic or problem chosen forthe research.

As the topic of my research i.e. ‘Demonitisation’ is what mostpeople are familiar with. So in order to enhance my understanding on the topic,I discussed it with my own classmates and with those having some expertise inthe matter. Being a part of an academic institution, I seeked help from ourguide who is an experienced man and has several research problems in mind. Ourguide often puts forth the problem in general terms and it was up to me tonarrow it down and phrase the problem in operational terms.Essentially two methodologies were involved in this step:                                                                                 a.

understanding the topic thoroughly.                                                                                                                    b.rephrasing the same into meaningful terms from an analytical point of view.2.  Reviewing the contents of the topic : Examiningof all available resources I have to get myself acquainted with the selectedtopic was also an important part of this methodology.  For this purpose, I reviewed two types ofdata available on the topic :a. Reviewing the concept of the topic : This includesconceptual literature concerning the concepts and                                                                                                           theories.

                                                                                                                                                                          b. Reviewingthe previous researches on the topic : This includes the empiricalliterature consisting of studies and researches made earlier which are similarto the one I selected.After this, the basic outcome of this review was achievedand I got a sound knowledge as to what data and other materials are availablefor operational purposes which will enable me to specify my own research workin a meaningful context.3.  Formulating design and format : This taskof formulating or defining the design and format of the research paper is astep of greatest importance in the entire research process. The problems,impacts, outcomes, conclusion etc. investigated in my research work weredefined unambiguously so as to discriminate relevant data from irrelevant ones.

Care must, however, has been taken to verify the objectivity and validity ofthe background facts concerning the topic.After the outline was formulated, a brief summary of it waswritten down for approval purpose. It was compulsory to write a synopsis of thetopic and submit it to our group,s Instructor Mr. _____________ for approval.It was only after his approval that I carried on my work.Formulation of the ‘objective of the research’ has been donein such a way that it can determine the data which are to be collected, thecharacteristics of the data which are relevant, relations which are to beexplored, the choice of techniques to be used in these explorations and theform of the final report. In fact, formulation of the whole research paperfollowed a sequential pattern where a number of formulations are set up, eachformulation more specific than the preceeding one, each one phrased in moreanalytical terms, and each more realistic in terms of the available data andresources.

4.  Collecting the data : The task of datacollection begins after the research problem has been defined and and researchdesign/plan chalked out. Dealing with a real life topic such as”Demonitisation”, I often found that data at hand are inadequate, and hence, itbecomes necessary to collect data that are appropriate. There were several waysof collecting the appropriate data which differ considerably in context ofmoney costs, time and other resources available.While deciding about the method of data collection to beused for the study, I came across two types of data viz., primary andsecondary.

The primary data are thosewhich are collected afresh and for the first time, and thus happen to beoriginal in character. The secondary data, on the other hand, are those whichhave already been collected by someone else and which have already been passedthrough the statistical process. The methods of collecting primary andsecondary data differ since primary data are to be originally collected, whilein case of secondary data the nature of data collection work is merely that ofcompilation.Keeping in view of the objectives of the study, only secondary data has been used in thisresearch work. While utilizing secondary data, one has look into varioussources from where it can be obtained. For this purpose, the abstracting and indexing journals andpublished or unpublished bibliographies were the first place of my reference.

Academic journals, conference proceedings, government reports, books etc werealso tapped. At the same time, data has been collected from various researchpapers, magazines and articles. In addition to this study, data have also beencollected from various newspapers, economical and political weekly and theresearch is also based on the referred sources- published, unpublished andelectronic.Usually published data are available in:(a)   Various publications of the central, state andlocal government.(b)   Variouspublications of foreign governments or of international bodies and theirsubsidiary organizations.(c)   Technical and trade journals.(d)  Books, magazines and newspapers.

(e)  Reports and publications of various associationsconnected with business and industry, banks etc.(f)    Reports prepared by research scholars,universities, economists ect.(g)   Public records and statistics.The sources of unpublished data used in this research paperare also many. I collected them from diaries, letters, unpublished biographiesand autobiographies and also from scholars, research workers, tradeassociations, labour bureaus and other public/private individuals andorganizations.The electronic data has been mainly collected from theInternet, which provided me the maximum data specially the quantitative onesi.

e. graphical statistics, research outcomes etc.Here, my methodology has been to make a minute scrutiny inevery data I have collected rather to accept them blind-foldedly.

Also,necessary arguments has been made if any specific data was found unsuitable orwith any limitations. Only those datas and statistics were included in thisresearch paper which fulfills all the following criteria:(a)   Reliable(b)  Suitable(c)   Adequate5.  Analysing data : After the data have beencollected, the task was to analyse them. The analysis of data required a numberof closely related methodologies such as establishment of categories, theapplication of these categories to raw data through coding, tabulation and thendrawing statistical inferences. Codingoperation has been done in this stage through which the categories of data weretransformed into symbols that may be tabulated and counted. Editing has also been done to improvethe quality of the data for coding.

After coding, the tabulation of the data was done in which the classified data wereput in the form of tables.6.  Entering the data to prepare the research paper: Finally, the preparation of the paper with the classified datas andstatistics was done by me.

Writing of this research paper has been done withgreat care with applications of the following methodologies:(a)  The layout of thereport should be as follows: (i) the preliminary pages; (ii) the main text and(iii) the end matter.In its preliminary pages the report carries Introducton andobjectives of the study. The main text of the report contains table of contentsfollowed by a list of tables and list of graphs and charts, summary of thefindings and the main report. At the end of the report, conclusion of theresearch was enlisted in respect of all technical data.



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