Research use of technology in the workplace continues

Research Question: What is therelation between the rise in job loss in America and active globalizationaround the world?Globalization may be regarded asbeneficial from an economic and business point of view, however job loss inAmerica continues be on the rise.

Manufacturing output in the United States isno longer growing as rapidly as it once was as large corporations are simplybeginning to replace workers in factories with technology capable of performingthe same task at much more cost efficient rate. With Globalization continuingto take action in the world today, the use of technology in the workplacecontinues to be at an all time high, forcing those working for these companiesto find a new job where they will be able to utilize their skills.Globalization continues to thrive in a world that is soon to become dependenton technology; it promotes global economic growth, creates jobs, encouragescompanies to be more competitive, and lowers prices for consumers. But whatabout the economy? Many companies choose to outsource their manufacturingfacilities to developing countries such as China, where wages and the cost ofmanufacturing goods are lower. Throughout the following decade or so,organizations must start to comprehend the interrelated forces of socioeconomics, innovation, and supportability that not only affect each other butare as well the key drivers of globalization in the world today.  Globalization, Job Loss, and Stagnant Wages: The Evidence IsChangingAlden, E.

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(2012, August 29).Globalization, Job Loss, and Stagnant Wages: The Evidence Is Changing.Retrieved January 01, 2018, fromhttps://www.cfr.

org/blog/globalization-job-loss-and-stagnant-wages-evidence-changingFordecades, economists opposed to the idea that globalization played a large rolein work in the stagnation of white-collar class salaries in the United States.The impact of Globalization on occupations and pay, which was limited throughthe 1990’s, is now advancing onto further resources. Globalization has broughtbetter and less expensive consumer products, opened and created new faremarkets in the industry, lifted up numerous poor nations and fortified Americanpartnerships around the globe. However currently, the manufacturing output inthe United States is not developing as quickly as it used to. As innovationadvances, so does the technology Additionally, many American companies arelosing their competition to the companies based in China. Companies decide tooutsource as it is cheaper for workers to manufacture products in China. What’smore, is that these technological the impacts developed over a short period oftime. In 1991, only 2.

9 percent of United States producing imports originatedfrom low-wage nations; by 2007, that had ascended to about 12 percent, for themost part from China. With the quick development of white collar classesabroad, exchange ought to be an open door for the United States to offer intodeveloping markets, expanding openings and wages for some Americans here athome.Source InformationIfound this to be a reliable source as it is written by the Council of ForeignRelations and the information is relevant. The author and date are both listedand the writing style is clear and concise. The information is well written andthe website itself is very well designed.  The Pros And Cons Of GlobalizationCollins, M. (2015, December 18). ThePros And Cons Of Globalization.

Retrieved January 09, 2018, from, people around the world are constantly being connected to eachother regularly by gathering and distributing information on a daily basis,cash flow being more quick and efficient than ever, goods and services beingproduced in one part of the world are increasingly becoming available in mostparts of the world, and international travel is more frequent.. However, in theadministration enterprises occupations such as, developers, editors,researchers, bookkeepers and restorative specialists have lost theiremployments because of outsourcing in more affordable areas such as India,China, and Beijing. Outsourcing has made a culture of employment uncertaintyfor Americans. Outsourcing has prompted a decrease in compensation in thosecountries and subsequently has been bringing down their quality of life. In thelong haul, this implies less generously compensated employments; it brings downworker efficiency and job motivation.

This creates an environment of anincrease in declining compensation, declining expectations for everydaycomforts and low monetary development. Globalization is a major aspect in theever-changing workforce today and continues to influence major aspects of theeconomy today.Source InformationI found that this source was credible as we learnt aboutoutsourcing in class and how production and manufacturing in countries such as India, China, and Beijing is less expensive than incountries such as Canada as the minimum wage is different and the cost ofproduction is much cheaper when outsourcing in other countries.   Globalization and the health of Canadians: ‘Having a job isthe most important thing’Labonté, R. (2015, May 12).Globalization and the health of Canadians: ‘Having a job is the most importantthing.

‘ Retrieved January 07 from examined how contemporary globalization was influencing the wellbeingand mental health of Canadians, they conducted and organized separate meetingswith 147 families living in low-income neighborhoods in Canada’s three vasturban communities; Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. The work in labor markets,investments and affordability in housing markets, and social spending and taxassessment. Subsequent to leading the meetings, BioMed discovered that familiesencountered a disintegration of work markets ascribed to outsourcing.Segregation in business experienced by new foreigners expanded causing abnormalamounts of pressure and poor psychological wellness. New outsiders additionallynoticed the low quality lodging and living conditions they encountered and workfrailty was the best stress for respondents and their families.

BioMedconcluded the outcome that present patterns in work in labor markets, putting andreasonableness in lodging markets, and social spending and tax collection inCanada are probably going to exacerbate the strength of families like theindividuals who took part in their examination.Source InformationI found that this source was credible as the information wasclear and relevant and it had added a new factor to consider for my researchquestion, for example it spoke about how it is to find a job as an immigrantand the effects this has on their mental health. It also showed the relation betweenmental health and job insecurity.    Developing a Global Mindset: Integrating Demographics,Sustainability, Technology, and GlobalizationAggarwal, R. (2011, June 21).

Developing a Global Mindset: Integrating Demographics, Sustainability,Technology, and Globalization. Retrieved January 04, 2018, from

585920?scroll=top=trueThroughoutthe decade, organizations must face and manage various powers such as socioeconomics, innovation, and maintainability that affect each different as wellas are the central drivers of globalization. Buyers in created nations, have ahigher propensity to need bring down carbon impressions and more prominentmanageability for the products and ventures they purchase. The pattern towardexpanding globalization is bolstered by financial rule that show globalizationmakes new riches.

Globalization enables nations to exchange and along theselines practice and concentrate on what they specialize in and generallyproficiently. Innovation is changing the way organizations work together andthe idea of the items and administrations individuals devour. The use oftechnology encourages companies to keep advancing in the workforce and providenew innovative ideas to succeed. The use of technology provides growth andsustainability in companies, and is much more cost efficient. An example wouldbe the self-checkouts at stores such as Walmart. It is much more cost efficientfor a machine to work as a register than Walmart having to pay an employeeminimum wage to do the same job.

Source InformationIfound that this source was credible as is explains the environmental as well asthe technological factors in an organization. It explains how consumers willpay more for an eco friendly product as well as how jobs are being replaced bytechnology.A Look at Labor Standardsand Neglected Human Rights IssuesMcGee,R., & Yoon, Y. (2016, October 31).

A Look at Labor Standards and NeglectedHuman Rights Issues. Retrieved January 01, 2018, from article talks about differentgatherings have been requesting that dialogs of work principles be incorporatedinto all future exchange transactions. It is believed that consolidating rulesinto any new exchange understandings will help accomplish this objective.Specialists likewise remain to endure if their occupations are put in danger asthe consequence of the burden of a work standard. A standout amongst the mostunmistakable assaults on the utilization of youngster work was propelledagainst Kathie Lee Gifford, a TV character who additionally advertised a lineof garments that as far as anyone knows was made with sweatshop tyke work.

Unions endeavored to boycott the importation of merchandise made in her plantsuntil the point that they nullified kid work. A comparable story to this wasthe Nike production line, the youngsters making these shoes were as far asanyone knows paid even not exactly the 31 pennies 60 minutes. Yet, when Nikebrought up that the laborers making their shoes were paid five fold the amountof as different specialists in comparable production lines, the discussionfaded away..

As opposed to abusing laborers, Nike asserted to do thespecialists a major support by paying them above market ratesSource InformationI found that this source was credible as it explained theexploitation of child labour and touched on the relevant article about how Nikeimpacted the child labour market with how much they were paying their workers. Thisarticle also explains the controversy with child labour and how many peoplewant to put an end to it. Many want to create a new trade agreement to controlit. The information of the source was credible as I learned about the Niketopic in previous classes. Weathering the storms of technology sector job loss:Well-being barriers, buffers, and beaconsSynard, J. (2016, October 05).Weathering the storms of technology sector job loss: Well-being barriers,buffers, and beacons.

Retrieved January 04, 2018, from word that is constantly changing through new advances, outsourcing, andglobalization, the experience of occupation misfortune has turned out to beprogressively normal. Before the end of 2015, more than 197 million people werejobless.

The three fundamental subjects were member stories around why theylost their activity and keep on being jobless – both inside and outsideattributions, factors that influence the experience of joblessness, and theiradapting methodologies. Also, work misfortune can course into differentmisfortunes, for example, budgetary, connections, personality/confidence, andeven one’s feeling of significance and reason. More negative profession effectscan incorporate re-work in poorer quality, bring down paying employments,expanded powerlessness to future occupation misfortune, and leaving theworkforce rashly. The normal span of joblessness for every time of occupationmisfortune arrived at the midpoint of 6.3 months, and extended from 0 to 13months. Financial and socio-political factors related negative prosperity withless created economies, unequal wage circulation, manufacturing plant closingsprompting mass cutbacks, and hands on occupations, and additionally sawseparation because of movement or wellbeing status.Source InformationI found that this source was credible as it explains what manypeople go through when they experience job loss. It explains many factors thataffect unemployment and underemployment as well as how individuals cope withit.

Afterconducting this research project the conclusion that seems to persist is that the relationbetween the rise in job loss in America, and active globalization around theworld, is technology. As technology continues to rise, so does job loss.Companies are replacing their workers with technology capable of performing thesame job but much more effective and cost efficient. The truth is, companiesrather pay a one-time fee or any repairs for a machine to do a job, rather thancontinually paying the same workers who are moving much slower compared to amachine. Globalization is moving fast and is happening, factories around theworld are replacing their workers with machines and even stores such asWal-Mart are starting to use self-checkout machines. As globalization occurs,more countries will begin to have access to technology and will become capableof replacing their workers with it. This creates job loss and more importantlyunderemployment, as not only are people getting replaced by machines buteventually, there will not even be enough jobs for people to do. Globalizationhas also given first world countries the ability to outsource.

The cost ofmanufacturing in Canada for example is much more expensive than it would be ina third world country. Due to the fact that the minimum wage is so different,companies would rather pay less in countries such as India, China, and Beijingwhere the cost of production is low and companies can get away with paying 31cents and hour. In Canada the minimum wage is $11.

40 an hour and continues torise which means factories in Canada must pay their workers at least minimumwage which is way more than how much it would cost outsourcing in othercountries.  Globalization might soundlike a great idea from an economic point of view, but as it continues to rise,it may cause job loss if technology continues to rise with it.  


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