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“Requiem for a Dream”, directed by Darren Aronofsky and released on October 6, 2000, takes us into the world of addicts. The film shows the various forms of addiction present in the modern world of America. The temptations, effects and consequences of addiction are brought to you through fictional characters. The stories of the characters tell you how they are trapped by their addictions, and how they are doomed to ever be able to come out.The film is based on the novel written by Hubert Selby Jr., which portrays different situations one might face in life. The characters appear to be trapped as if they are in a fictional world, a dream world. All characters have a dream, created by fantasies and aroused by drugs. So does Sara Goldfarb, a lonely widow played by Ellen Burstyn. Her dream is to be on her favourite television program, looking slim and pretty, wearing her red dress. In her fantasy, Tappy Tibbons, the presenter of the TV program played by Christopher McDonald, announces her as the winner with “We got a winner! I said, weeeeee got a WINNER! WE GOT A WINNER!. Before accomplishing her goal to be on television wearing the red dress, she takes slimming pills which contain speed, to make her fit the dress and to feel alive again. These pills make her go more and more crazy and let her imagine situations and people who aren’t there at all. Her son Harry Goldfarb, played by Jared Leto, his girlfriend Marion Silver, played by Jennifer Connelly and his best friend Tyrone C. Love, played by Marlon Wayans, are addicted to illegal drugs. For Harry’s friend Tyrone, the fantasy of which he has always longed is the image of his mother, telling him he will become someone one day. He tries to accomplish this by dealing in drugs, and cannot resist taking the drugs himself. Harry’s girlfriend, Marion, wants some set up her own clothing line and become successful with it. Her parents are rich and can give her anything, but instead of having it handed to her on a silver plate, she wants to prove herself to her parents. For realizing her dream, she needs money and Harry and Tyrone earn it for her in their drug business. Harry himself, his fantasy is to be able to sustain himself, buy a TV for his mother and help this girlfriend. However, all three of them get driven into the world of drug deals and misdeed, as they do anything for the money and the drugs. A Requiem is a song to remember people’s deaths. The death of Harry’s father and Sarah’s husband has brought all characters in the state they are now. The characters are trapped inside a dream, a world that is shattered by the image of reality. Their goals are created by their fantasy, their dreams of success. The more the addiction affects them, the less they can distinguish the reality from their fantasies, and cannot see their dreams becoming unrealistic. Harry, Marion, Tyrone and Sarah are all driven by this ruined idea of the American Dream, of being successful in life, that they don’t realize in what their lives have turned into.


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