You and train each consultant in these key

You are hereby invited to provide a proposal for educational and organizational development services as elaborated below. You are receiving this because you have expressed interest in providing such services to NDIT. The purpose of this document is to give you the information you need in order to provide an informed, comprehensive proposal.

This document will also give you explicit instructions as to the format of your proposal, the manner in which it must be submitted, and the process we (NDIT) will use to evaluate all proposals received and make a vendor selection.2. Organizational Overview NDIT is a collection of strategy consultants focused on IT strategy and Systems Integration Architecture. NDIT has extensive industry experience in the Media and Entertainment space. NDIT is comprised of 35 consultants, each working from a home office. While the group is mainly located in the Los Angeles area, some are distributed around the country. NDIT’s customer list includes Warner Bros., NBC/Universal, Fox, Scripps Networks, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, Warner Music Group, Helio, Globevison, and many other top names in media.

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3. Scope of Services/Materials NDIT wishes to engage a professional training organization to manage our educational transition to Microsoft(r) Office 2007 products and train each consultant in these key skills. We desire to outsource the entire project and have no internal resources tied up in either the management or delivery of the education. 3.

1 Background Because NDIT consultants regularly exchange documents with our clients, it is important that we are using the latest version of Microsoft(r) Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Productivity Tools (Visio, InfoPath, SharePoint).Some of our consultants are well versed in some of the applications, but no single consultant is thoroughly versed in all of them. This causes friction internally and also prevents us from seamlessly interacting with our clients in whichever application the client prefers. 3.2 Goals Our first goal is to have each consultant thoroughly versed in the three core office applications by August 2009 and the productivity tools by December 2009. Our second goal is to ensure that all education must be flexible and available on demand so the consultant can fit it into his or her schedule. NDIT Consultants maintain highly active calendars including travel, on-site work, and home office work.

Lastly, our final goal is that the management and implementation required to execute the project have minimal impact on our resources. Services Requested The successful bidder will provide the following services as the scope of the project: 1. Project Management a. Initial and revised Project Plans b. Management Reporting on student progress and overall program success (weekly) 2.

Needs Analysis (detailed by participant) a. Individualized course schedule (by participant) 3. Course materials for each class including a.

Courseware, collateral, workbooks, etc.b. All applicable licenses for materials used c.

Certificates to each participant for each completed class d. No specific customization to the courseware for NDIT are required 4. Course facilitation (depending upon delivery method proposed) 5. LMS (Learning Management System) to track participant progress 6. Provide all IT resources required to deliver the content and track its use (servers, content delivery network (CDN), web sites, LMS, etc.) 7. Phone support and “over the phone” tutoring for the duration of the project and for 2 months afterwards 4. Audience This is the breakdown by location of participants.

The skills have been rated on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is inexperience and 5 is very experienced. Note, though, that the experience listed is with previous versions of the applications.


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