Representation and enrols in high school as an


Today we have been looking at representation which is
the description or portrayal of someone or something in a particular way, such
as in stereo typing someone has an idea about a curtain person which may not be
true or accurate. We was looking at different trailers or film clips and
thinking about how characters are being represented throughout the film if it
goes against stereo types or towards them. 

I decided to look at a trailer barley lethal which is
about a young girl been training to be an international assassin for Hardman
ever since she was born and when on a mission sees teenagers having fun and
decides to fake her own death and enrols in high school as an exchange student.
I felt as if I should look at this trailer as I feel like it goes against
stereo types. This film challenges stereo types as it is based on girls
fighting and is agents who go against the idea that girls are week and can do
what men do such as fighting in combat. Throughout this film there is black
leader which also goes against many ideas that African Americans are forced
into slavery during the 1775–1783 times have evolved and it has become a fairer
place to live which everyone has the same rights. In some parts of the film it
reinforces stereo types as when the main character goes to high school and
there are a group of mean girls and the main characters are very socially
awkward. This film focuses on her physical ability and her awesomeness, which
can be a role model to all the girls watching this. I feel like this film choose
girl as a main character to show that girls can do different things and also
focuses on a female audience, which means it is not a mass audience and it
focuses on a particular audience.










Hypodermic Needle


The hypodermic needle
modal was developed in the 1920s and the 1930s it is a linear communication
theory that suggest all audience are passive that people believe what they hear
on social media and are just accepting what they say with no questioning or
argument; it can show that all humans are the same and believe exactly what
they are told. The mass media is shown to have a big influence on audiences;
many people say that we believe what we are told on all social media which can
be making the population stupid. This can be based on the theory that human
brains can be hardwired.

The drawbacks of this theory are showing a
negative view on the media and this can encourage people to stop using the
media. The modal can also show a simplistic view on the media. This modal also
shows that no one has individual thoughts or responses to media; this can make
people angry.

The war of the worlds broadcast that
announced that creatures from mars what invading the earth caused and upraise
in suspicion which caused panic because everyone believed what they was told.


Uses and
gratification modal


Uses and gratifications theory is an
approach to understanding why and how people actively seek out specific media
to satisfy specific needs.  This find out
what media means to people?

It looks at active audiences, it looks at
the audiences reactions to the sort of media they watch and why they watch it
all people watch the media for different reasons and all people like different
sort of media.

People watch media for different reasons
like to be informed and educated such as watching the new like BBC and to be
educated by watching documentaries such as planet earth; also to be entertained
and to escape into other worlds and look up to characters that they admire.

People also use the media for social
interaction they watch shows to talk about it with peers or friends.









Propps character

In a film or tv show there are different
types of characters that we follow.

Such as the hero the hero is seen as the
main character that we follow they normally are there to achieve one aim in
stories the aim doesn’t always have to be world changing is could also be small

The villain, villains have the opposite
opinion to the hero they are the antagonistic force throughout the story. Villains
are not always direct sometimes we don’t find out who the antagonist until the
middle of the story or the end. The villain doesn’t always have to be evil they
can just go against options and fight for what they think is right.

The dispatcher, they are with the hero they
help the hero know what’s coming up, they know the scheme of the villain and
make it known to the hero. They often can be who we least expect.

The donor, they help the hero, they prepare
the hero is some way and help them achieve their goals such as a side kick in a
super hero film or could just be a best friend.

The helper, the helper is similar to the
donor they help the hero in some way there can be many helpers throughout the
film or tv show. Such as in merlin as merlin helps prince Arthur achieve his
goal of becoming king.


Tzvetan todorov


This theory says that all stories have five
distinct part in such as



Recognition of disruption

Attempt to repair disruption

New equilibrium

Equilibrium, is a state in which opposing
forces or influences are balanced. It is a state of balance in the film where
everything is as it should be

The disruption in the story is a key event
that can cause a problem in the main characters part or to their lives or to
the world they are living in. it is a disruption in the story line. It should
impact the story.

Recognition of disruption, the protagonist
is made aware of the disruption this can cause the hero to change the event
that may be coming up in the story.

Attempt to repair disruption, this is when
the hero does change the upcoming events, they set out to repair the disruption
and can solve what has or will cause this event in the story.

New equilibrium,  it can mean a different state of affairs, it
can cause a disruption in the story, something unrespecting happening.



The hero’s


All stories have a beginning middle
and end to them, and all stories have different stages in them. The hero’s
journey is the stages in a story which follow the hero the conflict they go
throw and the struggles and successes they have throughout the movie obstacles
they go throw. Not all story’s have an obvious hero so the stages in the story
can be a lot smaller like instead of saving the world it could be asking a girl
to prom. All story’s follow a structure even if there isn’t an obvious
structure there still should be one.

The photo bellow was the 12 stages of a
hero’s journey I followed the story of sherk and how sherk is the hero in this
story the 12 stages go through all the different problems sherk must face.



















Stuart halls
encoding a decoding modal.

It is how media messages are produced and
consumed, it is proposing a new theory of communication, Stuart hall argued
that the meaning of the message is not determined by the sender, the message is
never transparent and the audience is not a passive recipient of meaning. He
says there is a lack of fit between encoding the moment of production of the
message and decoding when the moment of its reception.

Encoding and decoding is an active audience
theory which examines the relationship between the text (the message) and it

Encoding is the process by which a text is
constructed by its producers, and decoding is the process by which the audience
reads and understands and interprets a text.







Binary oppisition


oppisition is a pair of related terms that can be oppisite in menaing. Two
theoretical opposites are defined and set against one another.  Binarty oppisition is a way to help us
understand the meanings and ideas behind the story we are looking at it is
mostly important when we are trying to understand words the difference between
its word and it oppisite. Such as the word cowered we understsand it by
comparing it to the oppsite with is a hero we comnpare characterisics. To
understand different words we try and compare them to oppsites we contrastn
between two different terms such and up and down and left and right. In most
books there are many binarty oppisitions that we as readers pick out which
helps us understsand the characters and the social place they are in.

Some examples
of binary oppisition are

and evil

and white

and a girl

and war

and old

and nature

looking and ugly

and week


There are
many different things we can compare each word to that we come across, this is
a way of helping understand meanings and the movie we are watching or the book
we are reading.



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