Renewable nonrenewable energy and the government’s inability to

 Renewable energy means the energy that derived from natural processes that are replenished at a faster rate than they are consumed. Delegates should be aware of the very point of “Infinity” which the renewable energy has. Nowadays, a majority of people are looking forward to seeing the positive trends of speeding up the energy transition with the renewables. How this idea has been arisen is due to the problems by the frequent use of non-renewable energy including large-scale oil and gas reserves in the past. Here is an extreme example of Pakistan’s crisis which the country’s scarcity of renewable energy was the main cause of terrorism. Due to the country’s misuse of nonrenewable energy and the government’s inability to pay energy providers, shortages can run as high as 7,000 MW during peak demand, and to make matter worse, is expected to push demand to 100,000 MW by 2030. According to Pakistan’s Ministry of Water and Power, load-shedding, or rolling blackouts, have led to power outages that can reach 12 to 16 hours per day. In addition, constant blackouts have sparked riots, a commonplace occurrence in Pakistan since 2008, that comprise of road blocks, strikes, attacks on utility offices and even the homes of politicians. Basically, the root causes of the energy crisis can be found in Pakistan’s oil exhaustion, which is skewed towards expensive, imported fuels which are finite and the government’s policy to charge consumers less for electricity than it costs to produce. As the example above demonstrates, the endeavor to seek renewable energy is indeed necessary. If we do not take better measures for the development of renewable energy, this problem will not only remain as a challenge which we have to suffer forever but will also bring about the same extreme consequences.  Thus, to seek the international measures about renewable energy, this delegate claims to generally support the policy of providing taxes and incentives for renewable energy mainly designed to help energy companies, investors and other countries  that support renewable energy from wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and hydropower. In addition, countries should focus on the mere fact that includes information on adoption trends for renewables, the growing prominence of value which renewable energy has, new solar and wind initiatives, and key investments in renewable energy around the world. So, the importance of adopting international measures aiming at supporting the use and expansion of renewable energy is what I want to emphasize again.


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