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 born on 4 May 1979 in Bayeux in Normandy, France, is a photographer based in Vietnam. He travelled to many places and is particularly famous for his portraits of Vietnam, Cuba and India. he is  as the photographer that “captures emotions and people souls”. he has been working towards the recognition of the heritage of Vietnam’s 54 tribes since 2011.
 In 2007, he travelled to Vietnam with a French NGO,he was exploring the place and took more than 50 thousand pictures. In 2011, he decided to move there and settled in the town of Hoi An. While travelling and visiting Vietnam he saw their diversity and culture and he noticed how their traditions are slowly dying and being forgotten and he started to collect old traditional costumes to capture them with people and he had encountered many of most tribes . and he has spent seven years travelling around Vietnam on his motorbike
On january first of 2017 he opened the Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum, it showcased more than 200 photographs. With an approach of intellectual curiosity and openness, the entrance of the museum is free of charge. Therefore, the photographer hopes to attract both tourists and locals to largely promote the heritage of these ethnic groups whose culture might soon be lost forever.
  On his Giving Back project, he wanted to award the people in his pictures, and making their living conditions better, from buying them things they wished for to donating money for education charities. 
  The hidden smiles photographs came up to him when he saw how people in Vietnam always cover their smiles with their hands as a sign of politeness and modesty, he says it’s the happiest countries he’s been to and that he discovered true happiness from his pictures In particular, Réhahn was keen to highlight how the smile is translated throughout every inch of the face, even when the mouth is covered. even though the people he took pictures of were either old or suffered from poverty, their smile showed happiness and life and strength. 
 He still is travelling around the world and all over the globe but he says his heart will always go back to Vietnam.
The reason why i like this photographer is because he doesn’t focus on materialistic things, he chooses to take pictures that show emotions through them and would give the person looking at his pictures feelings.


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