Regardless girls will wash the dishes, do the

Regardlessof sex and gender, everyone has an opportunity to have a better life and workfor life. Men and women deals with each other to make a significant of whatlife has, just like cooking a meat ‘no one can’t cook a meal without an oil,burner or gas stove as well as having a family, that a father is the pillar ofthe house and the mother is the light of the home. In every family, each memberhas their own gender roles that need to accomplish to be adequate in thesociety. Culture is used to shape an individual to mold their behaviors andattitudes towards to their family, religion, and education.

Genderroles are well-defined by the socio-cultural norms of society. Family systemsare based on the gender roles that help members of the family to ride thefamily with bound responsibilities. Gender which is sometimes called gender role,it involves outward expressions of what society considers masculine orfeminine. As the society agreed upon the definition of femininity –ladylikeness, effeminacy, softness, muliebrity, and girlishness. Boys areencouraged to be masculine- tough, strong, manliness, virility and machismo. Gender role also portraits how individual speak, dress, style of hair andso forth.Theidea of gender is abstract (Griffin, 2006).

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Wherein children gain theirexperiences through their mother’s stories, that women are distinct in thekitchen and men are distinct in mechanical and hard works (Bohannon, 1999). In a family, the girls are the one who always does the household choresand the boys’ nothing to do. Because of the mentality that only girls will washthe dishes, do the laundry, cook foods, clean and took care of the house.

Inthe 21st century whenever a boy doing this kind of chores,people will think that task is distinct for girls, as well as, whenever a girldoing different chores that distinct only for boys. In the other hand, the rootof the sibling’s misunderstanding or fight is about who will do the choresbecause some girls want boys to do the chores because boys have a lot of timeto hang out and play around.Genderroles are prominent in the Philippines. In today’s world, the stereotypicalwoman is known as the one who always stays at home and the stereotypical mancan be described as the moneymaker of the family. Females and males have notalways held the same rights.

The objectives of this study are to know theeffects of gender role in the family and create an ideal thought that genderrole is for everyone and equality deserve in every way.


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