Regarding more open to adventures, in general

  Regarding another important aspect of
biology, is the subject of the human body. It is evident that the male body is
larger and much stronger, the male is also more inclined to have a more
independent life and be more open to adventures, in general it is he who directs
power. A woman is more fragile and more inclined to pain and danger which makes
her different from the male. However, the two sexes have different obligations
to fulfil in the world. The woman goes from puberty to menopause having
incredible changes in her body. The Anglo-Saxons used to link the word ‘curse’
with menstruation since the woman goes through painful unnecessary changes in
her body every month.  Her body becomes
physically agonizing and she has to go through hormone fluctuations that
irritate and disorder her inner core. Each month the body of the woman prepares
for the ‘expected’ child and then interrupts everything in a flow. Considering
also pregnancy and childbirth which is also painful and dangerous, in
unfortunate cases the female body cannot entirely support the birth of a child
which can lead to death of the infant or even the mother. Lastly once she
reaches her fifties, women must face another crucial state which is that of
menopause, it is called the inverse puberty and the woman can experience signs
such as high blood pressure and nervousness. Thus just like man, a woman has
her own body but this body is something other than what she is.1
These biological characteristics of the female, like puberty, pregnancy,
childbirth and menopause should not be neglected. The way we envision to ‘hold’
the world using our bodies as a tool can be interpreted in different manners
and we cannot base the ranking of sexes based on biological studies because
they do not provide for her an established and certain destiny. Heidegger,
Sartre and Merleau-Ponty believed that the body was the tool needed to seize
the world and also a restriction for our plans. Undoubtedly, woman is
physically weaker, she does not have the same strength capacity as man, her
lungs are not as firm, she will not perform as well as man in sports and she
cannot overtake a man during a fight. Her fragility and weakness are limiting
her chances of ‘holding’ the world the way she imagines, thus her opportunities
in this world are restrained. Equality is therefore difficult to be achieved if
we only consider the body as a physical representation completely ignoring
changes the female body goes through. However, Hilary Rose comes to turn this
point around saying that woman’s competence of caring makes female corporal
activity, like menstruation, more tolerable and burdensome.2
She wants to imply that woman was made in such a way that she can handle the
adjustments happening to her in a tolerable way.

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