Reflective to her that what I’d seen of

Reflective PracticeAttending a 78 year old male with chief complaint of chest infection. On arrival his wife, who was a very little lady and clearly distressed. My colleague attended the patient whilst I spoke with the wife in an attempt to calm her down. She explained to me that they had been together for 60 and she could not face losing him now.

I explained to her that what I’d seen of his condition and symptoms said to her that I thought he had a chest infection. Because this lady was distracted, she was busy sorting his overnight bag out, still in tears and distressed. When my colleague had assessed the elderly male, we decided to contact the GP for an appointment with a view for antibiotics. When the wife realised that this was not life threatening, she started laughing and disclosed to me that she had already sorted out her “little black number” to wear at his funeral. Whilst chatting away with her she said that they did not have children and preferred just spending their money. She explained to me that her husband was very fruggle with his money, and all she wanted was a window cleaner, because she was too short to get to the top of the windows.

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I jokingly suggested that if she put the kettle on and made us a cup of tea, I would clean the top halves of her windows. After cleaning her kitchen, patio and conversatory windows, we were about to leave the premises. She could not have been happier, she was full of gratutute to both of us, and could not understand why the emergency ambulance staff would clean her windows.

A few weeks later, my colleague and myself received a thank you letter from her, which was humbling to receive. Her parting comments to the CEO was that we “should be given a pay rise”. On reflection to this detail, the patient was treated and given an alternative pathway for his treatment, the wife was delighted with having her windows cleaned.

Values”There are many qualities you will need to make a success of being a member of the EMAS team. Some you will learn as your career develops, others are personal skills:• A willingness to work as a member of a team• Good communications skills• Good levels of fitness and manual-handling skills (for some roles)• Excellent driving skills (for some roles)• Initiative • Decision-making• A calm manner even in the most challenging situations• A willingness to learn and further develop your skillsEMAS has 5 values which underpin everything we do; how we deliver our services and how we work with each other. Think about how you can demonstrate the below values if applying for a role with EMAS.• Respect – Respect for our patients and each other• Integrity – Acting with integrity by doing the right thing for the right reasons• Contribution – Respecting and valuing the contribution on every member of staff• Teamwork – Working together and supporting each other• Competency – Continually developing and improving our individual competence”


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