Reflective there are no toys, medicines, or unsafe

Reflective Competency Statement I: To establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment My main goal is to provide a classroom where my children can express themselves constructively in a safe and healthy environment. Upon my arrival, I check each center for broken items or unsafe areas. I check each student’s bag upon their arrival to my room to make sure there are no toys, medicines, or unsafe items in their bags. I make sure that each center is stocked with toys and creative materials to engage the children’s minds and help them learn and grow through play. CS I a: This menu provides students with a well-rounded meal for breakfast, lunch and supper. Variety is offered so that the children will be able to try new things and also eat the items they enjoy.

Providing vegetables and fruits each day will fuel their bodies and minds. I believe this menu reflects my centers commitment to all children’s nutritional needs. CS I b: I believe young children learn best when they are fully engaged and interested in the environment around them. This room provides multiple centers stocked with toys to entertain and engage each child. I believe the strength of this classroom is that we alternate the toys and change out toys depending on the lessons we are discussing each week.

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This provides the children with new experiences and new ways to learn. CS I c: Young children need structure and engagement in order to grow and be motivated to learn. I believe this weekly plan provides my children with activities to interest them and provides safe, fun learning experiences. Each week includes familiar songs and activities to create a routine and schedule the children become accustomed to while incorporating new and exciting things to engage their young minds.


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