Reflection essential to make presentation project successful, as

Reflection on the Experience of Working in a GroupWhat have I learnt from practicing before the real presentation?Prior practice for the project really made me more secure for the real presentation and its reason is that I could give it a try on my presentation project in the small groups and then from that I transformed what I could perform different effectively. However, a lot has been learnt and one of the main things is that prior preparation is essential to make presentation project successful, as it can be told by people if you are ill prepared and the presentation will not be engaging. Moreover, another thing I have learnt what is crucial to reflect on when you plan, organise and prepare a presentation, as an instance, the starting is extremely vital to engage the audience by grabbing their mind and brain. Now, I really know some valuable approaches to commence a presentation.What have I learnt from working with and performing the presentation?I have worked on presentations before but I have learnt from working with and performing the presentation that you have to more secure while presenting. I have learnt through this presentation project that practice is everything. If you ignore practise or even less focus on this area what precisely to say and in its place learn to talk from key phrases, it will become better.

Thus, I found that I recognised more what to tell in every single stage then I thought. I was not worried as I tend to be when I did it in this way. As when you pay strong attention to practicing to know precisely what to present perfectly and in organised way you get more worried as you do not want to overlook anything you planned earlier.

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What have I learnt from response the peer?There are many things I have learnt from response the peer by practising with my peer group. In fact, such a response increased my confidence level before my “real” presentation. As an instance, my peer group said me just relax and cool and that I do not need to be worried about anything.

When my peer group members say positive things or find some positive aspects in me, they actually give enhance my overall confidence level. Indeed, my feeling is very good and positive because I have the people who pay attention to me before the real presentation. It suggests that having a good peer group and their positive response is essential.What can I become better at next time?I become better at next time very well and for this I do not need to simply talk, but I need to reflect on how I present words so I get out the spelling right in how I say it, as I am aware of that my speaking power is well.

Besides this, there is another thing I can change and improve, that is, my vocabulary. I can improve my vocabulary and integrate simple nut relevant words in my presentation next time to engage audience. What will I change for the next time I have an oral presentation?Off course, I will need to prepare myself more than I did this time, and only good practise is the best approach.

In my view, preparing yourself for future has the strong potential to make you being fully capable of giving strong attention to way of speaking rather than what to say.


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