Evaluate the success of instruction

Reflect on your practice.Evaluate the success of instruction. Share theresults of the formative assessments with colleagues. Have regular discussionsto share successes, identify problems, brainstorm solutions, share and improve instructionalstrategies.Identify and plan summative assessment. Ensure it matcheswith the formative assessment, the learning experiences and the learningoutcomes.Identify varied assessment strategies and design formativeassessments based on the specific performance the students are expected to engagein. Instructional strategies/ Learning experiences and classroom assessmentsshould reflect the language and intent of the standards.

Match learning experiences to the learning outcome.Design learning experiences which cater to differentkinds of learners. Each learning experience should afford students the opportunityto practice and the desired skill or attitude as stated in the standard.Identify, gather and prepare instructional materialswhich would help students to achieve the select learning outcomes.Outline target skills, knowledge and attitudes. Ensurethey are sequenced in terms of complexity.

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Map grade level standards to learning outcomes(state standard). Clearly define the learning outcomes. Use the statestandards as a guide.

Identify grade level standards to be focused on. Ensurethe content selected is balanced in terms of the time and available resources.what kind of learningexperiences are required to support the learning objective while at the sametime prepare the students for assessment?what tasks are requiredto determine whether or not students have achieved the learning outcome?what do I want studentsto know? Ask yourself: Analyse and decipher the language of the standards. Breakdown each standard into the knowledge, skills and attitudes the student shouldattain.Familiarize yourself with the standards by reading thestandards carefully and reviewing them often.


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