Recommendation: being situated in the heart of

Recommendation:Increasing revenues through alcohol is the most effective way to enhance average spend, which contributes to the revenue of the Promenade and the total revenue of the restaurant.A midnight meal or a buffet system should be incorporated as they do not see any business generated during that time as per the records mentioned. The Radicor, being situated in the heart of the city at Darling Harbour, which is an area that plays host to several night clubs and pubs. This could cater to a brand-new range of customers.Have tie ups with public relations executives of corporate companies to boost sales, by offering special rates for their staff. This boosts business and gives more exposure.

The Abbey being a fine-dining restaurant, requisites extremely superior and differentiated standard operating procedures that separates it from the other F&B outlets, even those within the hotel.Obtaining a clear understanding of what the customers perceive as ideal service so as to meet the standards thereby reducing the chance of service gaps. This can be done by on-floor communication and collection of feedback by the Maitre d’hotel during or after the meal.Technical assessment of current staff proficiency. Human resources to select and place employees within the framework with regards to their technical calibre so as to induce best performance.Reinstate periodic training to inculcate company values and establish oneness with the brand of the Radicor and The AbbeyHave a separate team deployed for the Abbey that works exclusively at that location.

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This ensures continuity and increased expertise for staff.Third party audits to be conducted every month to keep the quality of service on par with expectations as set by the management.Chef Marcus Vesty to be requested to consider a revision of the food and beverage on offer as well as ensuring multiple appearances and interaction with guests as much as possible.In order to increase revenues – Chef Marcus to be requested to promote the Abbey during his appearances on television shows. This can be done in consultation with The Radicor management. The Abbey is a specialized restaurant and can house extravagant food soirees which can be promoted profusely.

The selling point can be ingenious use of seasonal ingredients, paired with the wines or alcohol which can increase revenues by leaps and bounds.Abbey to create an exquisite weekend night for the affluent customers in the city post 11:00pm.STEP1: PLANNINGPlanning new accounting procedures and realistic, attainable budget should be set for the Food and Beverage department.STEP 2: ORGANIZATIONA meeting should be called with all the primary stake-holders including the top-level management, Chef Markus Vesty, CEO Tom McLaren and the investors.

After discussion and procurement of approvals, the Food ; Beverage Manager to conduct a session informing subordinates about the decisions taken by the higher management to the entire F;B team of the Radicor.STEP 3: RESTRUCTUREThe General Manager to consider the need and appoint (if required) specialized professionals for the Human Resources and Training department within 30 days.Human Resources and Training department to re-evaluate and restructure all the teams and reinvent training modules with input from the Food and Beverage manager and the General Manager within a time period of 45 days.The above team to roll out the plans immediately after the approval from senior management.

STEP 4: REINVENTIONNew food menus to be drafted along with trials in the next 90 days. Menus to be reinvented by the executive chef and to be incorporated with the techniques which are innovative in compliance with guest expectations.Executive Chef and Sommelier to review the entire beverage collection within 90 days. Include the public relations team to strike best deals with the major beverage brands in Australia. Aim at providing the widest range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in the area to eliminate prospects of competition.STEP 5: MARKETINGMarketing team to have a strategic plan for promotion of every outlet where menus have been redesigned, theme nights are being organized, strategic plan to showcase the past records and methods to increase footfalls at the Radicor specifically to all the food and beverage outlets.Marketing to decide on the release dates post 3 months for the bleeding outlets.

The dates must stretch over a period of 90 days which gives enough for the operations to be trained, products to be available.Every channel of social media to be utilized in order to increase brand engagement and gain maximum exposure.STEP6: PROGRESS ASSESSMENTGeneral manager to appoint a Task Force team to review the progress of the implementation plan on a fortnightly basis.


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