Recently strategy in renal physiology help to

Recently there has been instruction in mostof the medical colleges to reduce the number of lecture classes and to provide informationthrough active learning strategies. As active learning environment allows thestudents to talk, listen, read, write and be engaged in solving problems, itencourages all type of learners in the visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactilescheme. Renal Physiology is commonly identified as one of the most difficult systemin Medical Physiology is due to its overwhelming concepts, formulas andproblems. The active learning strategy in renal physiology help to create avibrant, interactive and interesting atmosphere in the classroom, it will encouragethe students to increase their involvement. The present study was undertakenThusto  promote active learning in renalphysiology class the innovative student learning activity will help to create avibrant, interactive and interesting atmosphere in the classroom will increasethe student involvement.  9. Detailed description of procedure / processes Thecurrent study is planned to conduct on undergraduate first year medicalstudents (n=150) of Melaka Manipal Medical College, Manipal.

The mechanism oftubular functions, component of renal Physiology class will be presented to 150medical students consisting of 6 lecture classes of 60 minutes each followed byone tutorial session of 2 hours. Guidelines for the tutorials will be given inthe last lecture class. So, the whole class will be divided into small groupsof 25 students’s each of 6 groups.

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Each will be given one topic from renalsystem like concept of clearance, Mechanism of reabsorption of substances inPCT, all the formulas in renal physiology, mechanism of water reabsorption, countercurrent mechanism and micturition. Since topics are big we will ask them toinclude as many as 15 to 20 students in each group. During tutorial class students will be asked to explain the concept in a role play method. Oneweek time will be given for the preparation of the topic. So that students ineach group will work together, discuss thing together and motivate eachother.

  Each group of students will be given15 to 20 minutes for the role play method of explaining these concepts of renalphysiology to the entire class of students and faculty. Following this, a pre-validatedquestionnaire with 10 questions, on a 4-pointLikert scale will be administered to the entire student to understandperceptions of this activity.  


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