Recently, have been within reach. Actually, this phenomenon

Recently, catching a term “victim blaming” on any social sites about violence, crime, terrorism..etc.. have been within reach. Actually, this phenomenon is not new to the knowledge of people because it has been going on since the start of written history, yet it has just been distinguished as a dynamic used to empower the criminal and keep up existing conditions (Julie Schoellkopf, 2012). In 2015, Louise Pennington stated in his book ” Everyday victim blaming” that: “Victim blaming occurs when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act are held entirely or partially responsible for the harm that befell them”. In the other words, victim blaming is an action-through-word that against the victim for the bad things they experienced and it possibly comes from media and social network as well as from people around them.

It’s unfair for a majority of victims who don’t get sympathy from the society while some of the others do. The reason for it must be the misconception of who have never been through such a case. The misunderstanding makes them think that the victim deserves what happened or that they are people with low self-esteem who search out savagery. Consequently, it can be exceptionally troublesome for casualties to cope when they are blamed for what has transpired (The Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime, 2016).

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However, in this paper, the field concentrated is rape or in rape culture. Rape culture is a sociological idea used to describe a setting in which rape is viewed as normal and in which people aren’t taught to assault but rather are instructed not to be raped (BuzzFeedNews, 2014). Victim blaming in the rape culture means that there is the existence of an excuse for rape and the one who gets raped be blamed for their own victimization. People claim that since the ladies didn’t behave and dress as the way they should have done and that’s why they get a sexual attack (Watanabe, 2015). This phenomenon is widely used and criticized as well as victim blaming is  serious issue among people in any parts of the world and it seems that people have a lot of reason to do so.




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