Recently, know, and this includes Microsoft, the exclusive

Recently, Phil Spencer was in charge of all of Microsoft’s own videogame publications. Now that you have decided to devote to managing the general strategy of the gaming platforms, it is necessary to get a new manager.For this, the company has decided to pass the baton to Matt Booty, the head of the Minecraft area. Booty now becomes Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, and will be in charge of running franchises such as Halo, Gears of War, and Forza.

Phil Spencer clarifies that this move is not only one of passing the keys, but also of improving the business of the intellectual properties of the company.As we all know, and this includes Microsoft, the exclusive list of the Xbox leaves much to be desired. Therefore, this decision is being taken to devote more resources to that area.

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This is important because according to Spencer, “paying for exclusive third parties is not a smart long-term business move.” That is, allocating resources to get titles from other companies so that they only come out on Microsoft platforms is much more expensive than developing games within their own.Booty’s new role helps create a unified leadership structure. This, in theory, will help the studios move faster and produce more of the desired titles. This covers both games for Xbox, PC, and mobile, so more coordinated releases are expected on different platforms.

No one is sure if Microsoft will experience an improvement in its quality. These types of changes require time to see results. If it worked in the promised way, it could lead to better titles, and new intellectual properties from Microsoft.Besides this, this decision will not solve all the problems of the Xbox One. The problem of your library is due to two major reasons.

The quality of the native titles of the console, and the games created by third parties only for the console. This new direction will help reduce Microsoft’s dependence on third parties. However, a new set of actions will be necessary to help with the second problem.What do you think? Will Microsoft be able to resurface?


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