Reading factor in affecting the raise or

Reading is more than a processof constructing meaning from letters printed on paper or read on a screen. Itis a constructive and continuous process that helps the reader acquireknowledge and understanding in many aspects in life and studies. Texts’ andwords’ importance are little insignificant if the right skills of languagecomprehension are not implemented by the reader while looking at the piece ofreading.

It gives the reader a set of skills that will follow him or her untilthe end of his journey; such as a strategic mind, a knowledgeable being and askilful cognitive process amongst other qualities. Therefore, reading habitsmay be a factor in affecting the raise or fall of academic performance.  Reading was seen to help a person’spersonality grow more positively and significantly. As seen by a researcher theprocess of reading comprehension is an intricate intellectual process thatinvolves many aspects of learning. The necessary skills have to be taught bythe person, not only taught but the person needs to be motivated and to want toread and learn. (Irving, 1980) Many wonder if the connection between readingand growth in all aspects of life exists. Therefore, researchers have taken thelead to see the correlation between the two in different situations andinstances.

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This study… 1.1 Research aims The following research aims toexplore the frequency of reading of English major students studying at theUniversity of Bahrain. In addition to the frequency, it will also focus on theeffect of reading for pleasure on the academic performance of the students of theEnglish major.

Reading is a big part of the English language and literaturemajor. Many courses require the student to read often in order to assist themin performing better, and passing their examinations. An assumption can be madethat students who read more score higher grades, while students who read less scorelower grades. In addition, another matter investigated is whether reading forpleasure can lead to students performing better in their academic life, or leadingthem to failure.

     1.2 Research questions The research aims given aboveshall be answered in the following two questions:        I.      What is the frequency ofreading of English Language and Literature students at the University ofBahrain?     II.       Does reading have any effect on students’ academic performancein English major students at the University of Bahrain? Significance of the study: Why its important and who willmake use of it Organization of the studyThis study consists of 5sections…. Definition of key terms    Background 2.1 Introductory note Reading may beone of the most necessary aspects of life, with regards to both the personaland the collective development of generations. In this section of the research,the background of the topic will be discussed.

The important definitions andthe aspects of which reading might be in decline will be discussed.  2.2 Theoretical Framework 2.2.

1 Definition of reading and reading forpleasure  Reading as adefinition is a broad term that holds many kinds of human behavior. (Peters,2010) A reader, as Peters describes, could be an intense reader who does notleave the book and devours every letter of every page, or it could be a personthat skims through the pages briefly. Some might read on screens, others mightdo it the old-fashioned way, which is by reading plain paper and ink books. Asthere are different kinds of readers, as well as a variety of items to read onand from, there are also different types of reading, some of which control thelimit of freedom a person is allowed in practicing the action of reading. As anexample, assigned reading, or reading given by teachers or professors, isreading a student might have to read in order to get the desired grade.

However, there is a different type of reading that is very free to a persons’choice, which is pleasure reading. Independent reading, leisure reading or whatis even called voluntary reading, is any reading a person does on their own,without any outside influences and in any time or place they choose. Also, itis based on the reader’s preference and liking. The reader chooses what to readand has unlimited sources and options to choose from.

  “Alliterates,people who have the ability to read but choose not to, miss just as much asthose who cannot read at all.” (Cullinan, 2000) Reading is a means of exploring and living adifferent life than the one a person lives in. Reading for pleasure develops ahuman’s growth in many ways; personal, social, academic and manyother aspects in a person’s life.  


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