Reading mustn’t just read text on books to

Reading Between the LinesMany times people take books for granted.

They’ll sometimes prefer to watch a show on television or a movie than to pick up a book and read it. Simply, all because it is easier and faster to get trough with a movie than with a television show. Then there are also those few that do read, but when reading one mustn’t just read text on books to get trough with it. They must be able to comprehend what it is that is said in the book, what point it is trying to get across.A couple of days ago I read and article written by Mortimer J. Adler. It was called “How to Mark a Book”. The article mentioned and talked about how people must learn to read a book.

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Not by simply just reading the text, but by understanding what is mentioned, consider the point of view of the author, and the degree of significance the author gives to the text. This is where reading between the lines comes in. A person must be able to acknowledge what he or she is reading. If the individual reads the text and does not understand its’ meaning, then the time has been wasted as Adler mentions in his article.

One must learn ways of understanding a book and what it is trying to get across, because text carries emotion to a great extend and people just don’t seem to know. This is why reading is essential not only to one’s education but to one’s life as well. I completely agree with what Adler mentions in the article. If a person does not make notes of what he or she is reading, then he or she is only processing text trough their mind and not receiving the message that is the subject at hand.

If one is able to understand the significance of the writing then not only can a person develop better writing and communication skills but also gain an experience. Understand that when reading a book the reader has to take time making notes and figuring out what certain material means in order to perceive well what is being mentioned. Therefore one must read books more than one time so that one can appreciate the book and put it to good use one way or the other in their lives.Next time you have to read a book, read it to grasp the concept of its’ meaning. If you learn to understand a book not only, will you become better at it, you will also become a better person and you will love it.

Make the book a part of your life so that the knowledge held between the lines can be yours.


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