Reading world and people are free to choose

Reading fiction books are always popular among people and they have an important role in people’s life. There are a lot of type of books in the world and people are free to choose the book they want. Some of books are joyful and people sometimes may read these books to fun. However,  there are some books that are useful to people as well as they entertain people too. Fiction books are a good example of this kind of books and there are three major advantages of reading fiction books. The first main advantage of reading fiction books is that it increases empath. When people read a fiction book, they may put themselves into character’s shoes that is created in books. People themselves feel emotions of characters.  If the writer fictionalises character as alone and depressed, a person who read this may feel his/her sadness or depressiveness. As a result, this helps people increase their capacity for empathy. Imagining stories which is created by the author  aids people to understand characters better and also to see the world from a new point of view in the book of every author they read. For instance, Dostoyevski generally tells human psychology by observing people who lived in those times in this novels, such as Crime and Punishment, The Brothers Karamazov,The Idiot. Thus, his observation helps people look from his eyes to the world. Jose Saramago on the other hand, have an unusual sense of humor about metaphysic topics such as God,  Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel. He is a writer whose sometimes makes fun of the events,characters of the Old Testament and the narrative in the holy writ. He tells the narratives from his own perspective. For example, in his book of Cain and Abel, he tells the truth from an ironic point of view. Therefore, there are a lot of writers which means that there are a lot of vision people may get. The second main advantage of reading fiction books is that it might discover abstract human experiences. 


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