RATIONALE the aspect of housing which has caused


          Housing is a very important  social need in any place and an important way
of expressing  the culture of living. It  is the most obviously seen feature which  represent a significant aspect  of a country and speaks volume about it
development.  Developing countries across
the globe are known to be challenge in the aspect of housing which has caused the
importance  housing is supposed to
portray if properly provided to be nullified. This is so due to certain issues relating
to Housing policy. The seemingly inappropriate 
process of policy making has been of great influence and pivotal to it failure
during  implementation stage.

          Housing  shortage in Nigeria has been a reoccurring
problem since time immemorial and in spite of the several changes and
amendments made on Housing policy  over
the years, there  seems to be no improvement
on the situation  as people are
continually  faced with the challenge of
poor housing and housing shortage  across
the nation on a yearly basis. In the year 2012 Nigeria was estimated to have an
housing deficit of 17million.This is evident with the development of slum
settlement at the core of the cities across the nation and the sprawling of  houses that are not fit for living across the
nation which in some way  has turned some
places into an eyesore. This is traceable to certain factors not been  put into consideration in the policy
making  and  implementation process of the policy cycle.
Considering the present situation, this has triggered  my interest in researching  into this area. This research  therefore will aim at identifying the problems
that has made  Nigerian Housing policy
not to thrive over the years which  would
be carried out to examine the basic problems faced by the Nigerian housing
policy as pertaining to it effective delivery in Nigeria. Matters like
considering the targeted beneficiaries of the policy (masses or end users)
during the policy making and implementation process will be  delve into and  what the impact of adopting  such will have on the successful delivery of
the housing policy. It aim to undertake this assessment  by taking two states  ( Oyo State and Osun State) in the
South-western part of the Country as case studies using both quantitative and qualitative
methods of research  . Interviews and
case studies will  be conducted and
carried  out in the two locations.  This two 
locations will serve as a benchmark 
for evaluating and assessing the  problems of housing policy  as the policy is the same across the nation. It
also aim at proffering  possible
solutions that will help to augment the problems identified.




pg.1), shelter , water and food are generally accepted as the basic needs of
life. Housing  therefore  is considered  a fundamental 
need that provides shelter.  It  is regarded as a major fixed asset which
brings about considerable flows of money into and out of the housing  sector. It collectively refers to the houses
and building, accommodation of people and planning as well as  provision of accommodation by an authority. It
is a very good key indicator and a measurement tool of  the level of development of  a particular place as well as an economic
buster. It is usually considered a good tool for measure the level of
advancement of a particular place. Therefore , it is considered a  developmental yard stick of a  country’s economy at large.


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