Rationale lives in a poor family. The register

Rationale     Sweet Potato Pie by Eugenia Collier is a story about Buddy, the youngest child in the poor family who has educational opportunity.

He completed his study being the top student and earned a prestigious honour to deliver a speech upon his graduation. Through education, he then break the vicious poverty cycle in his family.    In this written assignment, I  chose valedictorian speech as the text type to ………….because the content was not reveal in the story. The idealistic and sentimental speech will be delivered by Buddy on his graduation day.

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 The aim of the task is to address the audiences about what Buddy has gone through in his life. As the speech will be conducted publicly, the vital of education in one’s life can be seen by any social classes. Buddy, a poor boy will prove the world that education can give them a bright future. Firstly, I am highlighting poverty is not a huge obstacle to obtain success in life.

This can be achieved by describing how Buddy motivated himself to keep study even though he is lacking of many facilities to study in a bed of roses.  The tone is motivational and humble to illustrate Buddy who has made his family proud.Throughout the task, I will reveal Buddy’s character as a very independent and positive minded person although he lives in a poor family. The register that I would use is semi-formal as it is the most appropriate to share Buddy’s spice of success and stories with others.  (249 words)Dear administrators, teachers, parents, beloved friends, ladies and gentlemen, a pleasant morning to you. It is a great privilege for me to stand here in front of you to indulge the happiness that we feel in our hearts today and to express my supreme gratitude to each and everyone over here.         My fellow graduate friends, I feel like we just entered here and it is already time to leave. Time really passed in the blink of an eye.

Today is the day we can share some memories that we would fondly remember through the years. All the knowledge instilled in us by our teachers would surely prove to be immensely valuable to us in our future endeavors. The most significant values that I have learned are struggle, appreciate and grateful.      I would like to congratulate all the graduates on finishing our school year. It is surely a great accomplishment and something in which you can take pride.Once again, congratulations, we deserve to give ourselves one huge round of applause!Ladies and gentleman,        No whining! No complaining! No excuses! These are the key to success. Who said  lacking in life will hinder your success. Deprivation or lacking  in life is not a  parameter for us to succeed.

In fact,it is the main contributor to the pursuit of success. I am just a peasant child who was formerly ridiculed because I came from a poor family. Perhaps in the eyes of others, this is humiliating but not to me. I am very proud of my background. Indeed, living in the midst of hardship makes me learn to appreciate knowledges.       For others, there may be no restraint to school, have new school uniforms and new books. To me, what I’m wearing today, this is my first suit.

Hmm.. but this is not what I’m highlighting, my point is if you are keen to gain knowledge, you will avoid unnecessary things to have if you can’t have it. Our main objective is to study so we need to have determination to strive our goals. I still remember the words my Pa told me “Lucky for you, you got a mind. And this is what others don’t have. You go to school, boy, get yourself some learning.

There is nothing you can’t do when you acquired knowledge”He said this because I’m the only child in my family who has a chance to study. So, with this valuable opportunity I got, I won’t waste it. I believe through education I can tackle poverty in my family.

All the words have shift my paradigm to prove that I can be successful and  able to put the sweetest smile on the faces of my family members. Thank God, I did it today.        And there is yet another thing we all need to bear in mind, it is a lesson that I have learned through the years. Learn to appreciate and never ever underestimate others. We are here as one big community!       Of course we  answer our examinations individually, and go through our everyday lives on our own, but one cannot deny how crucial the people around us are. Our parents, teachers, administrators,friends, bus drivers and the lady who served us our meals all  played a vital role in helping us to be where we are now.        On this precious day, I would like to send my sincere thankful wishes to teachers, friends and especially my family for their unflinching support.

No other good words to use today other than thank you, my wondrous parents! Dear Pa and Ma,you have given me the greatest gift of all, education.The best legacy for me to inherit. I would not be who I am today without your warm support.

 I’m extremely humbled and grateful.Thank you.(600 words)Ref My valedictory address was the usual idealistic, sentimental nonsense. I have forgotten what I said that night, but the sight of Mama and Pa and the rest is like a lithograph burned on my memory; Lil, her round face made beautiful by her proud smile; Pa, his head held high, eyes loving and fierce; Mama radiant.

Years later when her shriveled hands were finally still, my mind kept coming back to her as she was now. I believe this moment was the apex of her entire life. All of them, even Alberta down from Baltimore—different now, but united with them in her pride. And Charley, on the end of the row, still somehow the protector of them all.

Charley, looking as if he were in the presence of something sacred.As I made my way through the carefully rehearsed speech it was as if part of me were standing outside watching the whole thing—their proud, work-weary faces, myself wearing the suit that was their combined strength and love and hope: Lil with her lovely, low-pitched voice, Charley with the hands of an artist, Pa and Mama with God knows what potential lost with their sweat in the fields. I realized in that moment that I wasn’t necessarily the smartest—only the youngest.And the luckiest. The war came along, and I exchanged three years of my life (including a fair amount of my blood and a great deal of pain) for the GI Bill and a college education.

Strange how time can slip by like water flowing through your fingers. One by one the changes came—the old house empty at last, the rest of us scattered; for me, marriage, graduate school, kids, a professorship, and by now a thickening waistline and thinning hair. My mind spins off the years, and I am back to this afternoon and today’s Charley—still long and lean, still gentle-eyed, still my greatest fan, and still determined to keep me on the ball.


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