RANGE Move and customs clearance for Household Goods

9ekim Group Company
was established in 1993 in Istanbul Turkey.

We are licensed by
the Federal Maritime Commission under license # 019334.We are a bonded
international car shipping company. Our company has been a licensed customs
consultancy company since 1994.The owners of the company are Authorized and
Certified Customs Consultants, however, there are fake and unauthorized
companies that place Turkish Customs Consultant logos on their web pages
illegally and without permission and introduce themselves as a customs
consultant. Pay attention to these and check with the relevant ministry.
  The related
automobile companies within 9ekim are;

1. 9ekim TAXFREE CAR
Is a company with
strong references in buying, selling and exporting tax-free cars to the
Experts, Diplomatic Mission and Foreigners in Turkey. We have been operating in
Germany since 1994 with our branch in Cologne. 

 It is a
certified and most experienced company in Turkey on Car and SUV Export, car
import, vehicle registration and customs Clearance Service of vehicles which is
the only company in Istanbul with customs clearance. Companies that are leading
as outsource business partner for Customs Consultancy of the commercial
commodity are our reliable partners.
9ekim group is an
official company operating as a semi-public institution under the
authorizations and permissions of Turkish Republic’s Ministry of Customs and
Trade. It overseas export of vehicles, transportation of automobiles to the
desired countries and the organization of vehicle transport to Turkey. It also
partakes international overland, overseas and by air automobile transportation
from Turkey to abroad.
Services Offered
abroad are as follows;
  • Car export
customs clearance service
  • Car and
vehicle export service
  • Car and
vehicle import customs clearance to Turkey
  • Car and
vehicle import customs clearance service in Istanbul
  • Cars and
Vehicle International Transportation Service
  • Cars
Transportation Service by ship in Istanbul
  • Cars
Transportation Service by Truck in Istanbul
  • Istanbul
Car Import and vehicle export customs clearance by sea freight and road freight
  • Turkey Car
import and vehicle export customs clearance by sea freight and road freight
  • Istanbul
International Move and customs clearance for Household Goods & Personal
  • Turkey Car
and vehicle customs consultancy service
  • Istanbul
Car and vehicle customs consultancy service
  • Istanbul
car Customs brokerage service
  • Turkey
cars and vehicle customs brokerage service
  • Istanbul
customs brokerage service for cars and vehicle
N/B -Beware of
counterfeits. Make absolutely sure of our references (www.9ekim.com)

3. 9ekim BUY DEFENDER.
has been enclosed with Land Rover Defender which has been manufactured by
Otokar since 1987 with UK license and unfortunately its production ceased in
2016.Since Land Rover England could not meet the demands for defender model,
that is hot-selling and onto a winner, it had this model produced by Otokar
company in Turkey with its own license and it has exported Land Rover abroad
and moreover launched in Turkey. It is easy to find Land Rover Defenders
produced by UK license in Turkey after 1987.It is easy to find drivability and
unworn vehicles in Turkey required by Defender import legislation of America
and Canada, such as
i) Land Rover
Defender 90 2.5 off-road vehicles.
ii) Land Rover
Defender, 2.5 off-road vehicles.
iii) Land Rover
Defender, 2.5 TD? off-road vehicles.
iv) Land Rover
Defender, 110 2.5 off-road vehicles.
v) Land Rover, 110
2.5 TD off-road vehicles.
vi) Land Rover
Defender, 110 3.5 off-road vehicles.
vii) Land Rover
Defender 130 2.5 off-road vehicles.
viii) Land Rover
Defender 130 3.5 off-road vehicles.
Land Rover is over
25 years and has its original chassis, body, engine, and gearbox making it
suitable to be exported to the USA and it is obligatory for the seller or
vendor to be a Land Rover Defender specialist. The seller who is a defender
specialist must understand that it is suitable for exporting defender to
America or Canada when he/she first sees the second hand Land Rover Defender.
There are old Land Rover Defenders for sale in Turkey which has not performed
off-road that were imported to Turkey at one time or produced in Turkey with a
license. Land Rover defenders for sale in Turkey are cheaper than used land
Rover defenders sold in European and UK markets. We have special discounts for
companies working or willing to work with our company.
Our company, as a
Land Rover specialist, buys second-hand land rover defenders in Turkey which
have drivability, accident-free, have not performed off-road, over 25 years old
and have original chassis body, engine, gearbox and exports defenders worldwide,
Primarily to America and secondly to Canada. In addition, we procure defenders
from Germany through our branch in Cologne and export them. We also export many
defenders to the USA and Canada. We are also able to arrange shipping via ship
and web load into a 20 ft. Container on site.Are you thinking of buying a used
Defender in Europe but fear the repercussions of a vehicle that may not be
eligible for USA entry? The obvious answer is to buy from a reputable dealer
but you are right to be worried as there are many unregistered dealers who can
and do, disappear if faced with any problems during the purchase. We can offset
some of these risks with our expert knowledge developed, sometimes the hard
way, through our years of experience and networking across Europe. It is
essential that we have a detailed expertise and report on all the vehicles we

What we do;
9ekim Group is a
forerunner and best international car shipping company in Turkey (Istanbul -Izmir).Wherever
you wish your vehicle from 9ekim Specialist Vehicles to be delivered, we are
able to make export arrangements and delivery to client’s destinations. We
offer a full line of services for our clients from; ocean freight, loading,
customs title validation, domestic hauling freight, and handling. We have door
to door, port, door to port services.9ekim Group ships hundreds of vehicles
from Turkey to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Central and South
America, Australia, Canada. 9kiem deals with shipping of high value cars which
include; classic cars, vintage cars, salvage cars, motorcycles, ATVs, boats,
yachts, personal cars, diplomatic cars, defenders, 4×4, used Land Rover, Land
Rover Defenders, blue plate Cars, Land Rover Heritage, pick-up truck, minibus,
moving van and used / new automatic bus. We also do a domestic pickup of your
vehicle in Turkey upon entry of vehicles into one of Istanbul or Izmir CFS
Terminals Istanbul Ambarl? Harbour -Izmir Alsancak Harbour. 9ekim ensures that
your vehicle arrives overseas ready to use, with the absolute minimum of
hassle. There is also a global shipping arrangement.
The following are
our shipping services;
International Car Shipping
Motorcycle Shipping
Professional Container car Lashing
Worldwide Shipping organization
  > Classic
Car Shipping
Overseas Car Shipping
from port of entry
Delivery to any port in Turkey
  > Export
license and Export customs clearance. (Car customs consultancy service)
Domestic Vehicle Pick-up and Transportation (Car Hauling)
  > Car and
vehicle customs clearance service in Istanbul-Izmir-Mersin.
We also export to
the USA and make in Istanbul many vehicles customs clearance. We can also
arrange to ship via truck or we can load into a 20 ft. Container on site by
vessel. (We have full loading facilities)

Shifting vehicles
to another country is a dissimilar procedure from shipping vehicles nationally
from the method of packing, shipment to paperwork and licensing Working
Being resourceful
and having established convenience paths with over 20 years of the experience
in shipping automobiles globally 9ekiem group is able to make overseas
transport of automobiles easy for everyone. Importing and exporting car for
dealer and collectors globally is also done. 
By 9ekim group Company.

International Car Shipping
This needs to be
addressed with care, which is what makes us the best. Our understanding of all
the car transport international paperwork, applications, and fees mean that you
can focus on other things! At 9ekim Group, we specialize in international auto
transport and know how to navigate all export, customs and clearance processes.
All Customs procedures have been carried out by our company for over 28 years
without outsourcing. We are the only expert and competent Customs Consultancy
Company affiliated to Turkish Republic’s Ministry of Customs in Turkey on
automobile customs clearance procedures.
We transport cars
internationally by the following means;
International car Transportation Via container by vessel
Istanbul worldwide car Transportation by Truck
Turkey-Istanbul car transport by AIR

We smoothly perform
import and customs procedures of your vehicle on arrival at ?zmir and Mersin,
customs from abroad by driving or through international transportation with our
28-year experience and the authorizations and licenses granted by Turkish
Republic’s Ministry of Customs. We have specialization and expertise in custom
clearances procedures of automobiles and we have no competitors on this issue,
therefore, we are the authority in Turkey on customs consultancy service.
We have carried out
the following procedures for nearly 30 years with large expertise and
experience for the vehicles of experts and Turkish nationals or for the foreign
customers who purchased used or new vehicles from Turkey;

• Vehicle Transport
procedures, customs consultancy service
• Blue Plate Cars
customs consultancy service and register for EXPAT in Turkey
• Tax-free car
automobile import procedures, customs consultancy service and register for
EXPAT in Turkey
• Customs
consultancy services of vehicles with foreign license plates arrived at Turkey
with their original license plates for 2-year temporary permission procedures
for their use in Turkey with foreign license plates
• Customs
consultancy services on importation of New Cars (taxed importation of new cars)
• Customs consultancy
services for export of vehicles from Turkey to abroad
• Customs
consultancy services on export of vehicles that had accident in Turkey to
abroad and clearance outwards procedures from Turkey
• Customs
consultancy services of new or used cars purchased from Turkey and that will go
• Customs
consultancy services on obtaining permission certificates for the use of
vehicles in Turkey with foreign license plates for 2 years that belong to those
came to Turkey for residence from primarily Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United
Arab Emirates and European countries
• Customs
consultancy services for personal and company vehicles of Diplomatic missions
and members of Consulates and Embassies
• Customs
consultancy services for temporary import, foreign transit and going abroad for
Motorbikes (Harley, etc.) that belong to Tour groups or individual travelers
who came to Turkey by air, sea, and land or, to those who will leave Turkey.
• Customs
consultancy services on temporary exit and entry of vehicles to Turkey that
belong to people who will go abroad for a temporary period and for a long-term
for business, hunting, and safari
• Customs
consultancy services for vehicles which came from abroad to Turkey for being
repaired, painted, handled or converted to a VIP minibus
• Customs
consultancy services of vehicles within the scope of ATA report that came to
Turkey for Fairs, Shows, promotion or race.
• Customs
consultancy services on obtaining permissions for the vehicle owners, who came
to Turkey from Middle East countries such as Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United
Arab Emirates and European countries.
• Customs
Consultancy services for personal and company vehicles of diplomatic missions
and members of consulates and Embassies.
• Customs
consultancy services for temporary import, foreign transit and going abroad for
motorbikes (Harley, etc) that belongs to tour groups or individual travelers
who come to turkey by either air, sea or land and those that leave turkey.
• Customs
consultancy services on temporary exit and entry of vehicles to turkey that
belongs to people who will go abroad for a temporary period and long-term for
business, hunting and safaris.
• Custom
consultancy services for vehicles that come from abroad to turkey to be
repaired, painted, handled or converted to a VIP minibus.
• Customs
consultancy services of vehicles within the scope of ATA report that came to
Turkey for fairs, shows, promotion or race.
• Customs consultancy
services on obtaining permissions for the vehicle owners, that come to turkey
from middle east countries such as Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab
Emirates and from European countries and those that obtain permission to use
their vehicles with foreign license plates, to go abroad without their vehicles.
• Customs
consultancy services of vehicles belonging to the disabled vehicle insurance

There is inland
haulage services support every day from Istanbul to every city in Turkey.
Inland haulages in Turkey are conducted through the latest Mercedes brand
vehicles. However, there is also a special type closed car-carrier in the wing.

9ekim company does
door to door export of second hand Land Rover Defenders, that are produced in
Turkey with License until 2016 and previously imported from the UK to the four
corners of the world, primarily to America and Canada.Many second hand Land
Rover Defenders models produced by Otokar in Turkey up to 2016 and sent to many
countries in the world have drivability and have not performed off-road besides
the export as follows;
Rover Defender 902.5
  > Land
Rover Defender 902.5D
  > Land
Rover Defender 902.5TDi
  > Land
Rover Defender 1102.5
  > Land
Rover Defender 1102.5 TDi
  > Land
Rover Defender 130
9ekim company will
break down the price of a used Land Rover Defender if you buy in our stock for
it has nearly 30years experience in the field compared to when you buy own your
own means which will be expensive.
We provide
logistics services for smooth foreign export of Land Rover Defenders for sale,
vehicles that are found and bought at a cheap price in various sites in Turkey
by the person and institutions that are willing to buy vehicles through their
own means from Turkey and import them in their countries. We also perform Land
Rover Defenders exports to every country in the world by publishing the used
Land Rover Defenders that are selected by our Land Rover Defenders specialists
on our website (www.buydefender.com). In case of demand for second Hand Land
Rover Defenders in Turkey which are prescribed to be exported abroad by
bringing from abroad or directly purchasing from its owner, we can help with
restoration, full build from the ground up, full mechanical overhauls or
cosmetic touch-ups. We cooperate on used Land Rover Defenders with our business
partners having experience over years which we have been working and familiar.
Our recommended
companies consists of skilled teams that use old body repair expertise and
comprehend how defenders are amassed using original Land Rover spares for
quality repair of ;
Chassis, bulkhead and door
They carry out the
successful work on body modifications with their experience over years.

Turkey is the
largest Commercial vehicle production in the world, primarily Mercedes-Benz,
MAN, Otokar, BMC and Temsa.the number of buses and minibusses produced in 2016
has been 322 thousand to 985.Therefore, it is possible to find second-hand
minibus, second-hand bus and various new bus and minibus options in Turkey
compared to the European market. Since the bus and minibus wings of the
companies engaging in transport activities in Turkey are renewed every other
year on the average, it is possible to find second hand well-conditioned, clean
and suitable vehicle. All second-hand vehicles for sale have expertise reports.
Through our website (www.buybus.com) we export second-hand buses and minibusses
to many points of the world with affordable prices.
With our nearly
30-years’ experience on automobile customs consultancy and vehicle export and
logistics, our customers may purchase buses and minibuses for sale in various
brands which we publish on our website or we may export the buses minibuses
bought by our customers with their own means in Turkey in favour of them to
every point of the world.

The following list
consists of buses and minibusses produced in Turkey;
v Mercedes Benz Vito
v Mercedes Benz Sprinter
v Mercedes-Benz Tourismo
v Mercedes -Benz Travego
v Mercedes-Benz 403
v MAN Fortuna
v MAN Lions
v MANS 2000
v TEMSA Avenue
v TEMSA Diamond
v TEMSA Maraton
v TEMSA Prenses
v Maxus
v Power bus
v Prestige
v BMC Blade
v BMC Probus
v Levend
v Megastar
v Midilux
v Master
v ISUZU Citi bus
v ISUZU Citi mark
v ISUZU Classic
v ISUZU Novo
v ISUZU Novociti
v Harmony
v MD
v Novo
v Royal
v Roybus
v Turkuaz
v Urban
v OTOKAR Doruk
v J9
v J10
v 2.0 DOCH
v 2.5 DL
v T120P
v Transit
v Citroen
v Jumper
v Crafter
v T Serisi
v Volt


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