Rampal a coal based power plant, coal

Rampal power plant is a power station which will produceelectric energy. It is a coal based power plant which is located at Rampal inKhulna district. It is 40 kilometers away from the Khulna city and only 14kilometer away from the Sundarbans, the largest mangrove forest in the worldand also the world heritage site of Bangladesh recognized by the UNESCO in1997.

Now this is an age of digital world. Our government has taken steps todigitalize every sectors including the information and technological sectors.At the same time the most important thing that is need to improve every sectorsor develop our country, is energy.

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As a result this type of power plant willaccelerate our development as this will be able to generate1320 megawatt electric energy. According toWikipedia, to build this project 70% of budget is expected from loan and 15% ofit will be given by India and other 15% will afford Bangladesh. As it is a coalbased power plant, coal will be used for generating the energy.

By firing coalheat will produced. This heat will flown into a large container of water. Thiswill convert the water into vapor. This vapor is flown with tremendous pressurethrough a turbine. Thus the turbine turns using the vapor flow and electricenergy is generated.  The mainissue which makes all thoughtful that the distance from Sundarbans. At the sametime environment is in a risky position since the power station is based in firingcoal.

Hence the power plant will burn almost 5 million tons of coal per year.Resultantly enormous amount of wastages will have to remove. This is a bigchallenge for Bangladesh. If it cannot be done in proper direction, a hugeenvironmental disaster will take place. But the other thing is that ashes andsludge which will produce it is so dangerous for air.

As Sundarbans is not faraway from Rampal, ashes and sludge will be another challenge.On the other hand agood amount of liquid wastages will be drained to the river named Pshur besidesthe power plant. As a result we will lose another thing of nature. Moreover alot of people will be deprived of drinking water, as they depend on the river.Then the river will not suitable for the environment and also for Sundarbansbecause it flows through the Sundarbans also.

It is said that ships will be usedfor bringing coal and to squeeze out the wastage, therefore the natural beautyof that river, harmful for Sundarbans as well as. Toxic gases such as carbonmonoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide threaten Sundarbans and airsurrounding. Though it has been said that high chimney will be used to removeit, still it will not be possible to stop acid rain, air pollution, temperaturerising etc. The peopleof Bangladesh are at the opposite side. They have protested already.

Moreover,as India will provide things and budget, the people of India protest and theydo not want that help from India as this become an environmental issue and riskfor Sundarbans as well as. Today we are in that stage that we all depend onmore energy, therefore power station is important. But the place of power plantis not suitable. Therefore if the place is changed, that will be a goodsolution for our natural beauty, Sundarbans, world heritage site.


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