Ralph Ralph is the one to think

Ralph makes the boys motivated with his leadership skills. Ralphs first instinct after all the boys found each other was to choose a leader to make the main decisions. They have an election and Ralph is the one to get elected because of his charisma and motivation. Ralph is the one to think of ways to get rescued and stay alive while the others are messing around. Ralph holds a meeting and has the idea to create a fire and keep a smoke signal going to attract any boats or planes nearby.

To bring all the boys together, he used a conch shell he found by the ocean to make a noise that attracts everyone to him. He organizes a system where only the person holding the conch is allowed to speak and cannot be interrupted. A rule to keep the fire going continuously is made by him also since he thinks that is the only way to be seen and rescued. He makes special places for the shelters and bathrooms to keep the island organized and peaceful.

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