Quora start-ups would be good talent acquisitions for

 Quora is a question-and-answerwebsite where clients make inquiries, answer them, and alter and organize them.

It was Co-establishedby previous Facebook representatives – Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever inJune 2009, and was made accessible to people in general on June 2010.The magnificence ofQuora is its authenticity. It is a stage for sharing knowledge, rather than data,where one can expect genuine answers, with certainties and evidences. The Quorapeople group incorporates some notable individuals, for example, Mark Zuckerberg,Marc Andreessen, Dustin Moskovitz, Jimmy Wales, Stephen Fry, John Green(creator), Adrián Lamo, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and so forth.So for example, if youmake an inquiry calling attention to Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia), youcan expect the genuine Jimmy Wales to really come and answer your inquiry! “Former FacebookCTO Adam D’Angelo believes that the future is about creating more knowledge andadding a layer of reputation to the fast-growing internet. And that is why hestarted Quora, his first real attempt at being a startup CEO.”Despite the fact that,Quora is like any semblance of Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers,Answers.com, yet works in an unexpected way.

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Genuine names are obligatory, and youhave to login using either your Facebook or Google account, or make a record there.You can follow topics, questions and people, and in the same manner their actionwill appear on your feed. You can like or dislike an answer, or even comment onone, if you wish to.In early 20s, when mostof us try to figure out what to do with life, Adam D’Angelo came up with theidea of a website which had answers to every question. Quora’s business modeldidn’t sound like anything interesting, because it was similar to Yahoo Answersor Answer.com.

Quora created its competitive advantage and created adifferentiation on one major thing- the people who answer these questions onthe website.    Quora is a medium whichconnects people who share knowledge with the people who need it.  For instance, Mark Zukerberg had acquired “Nextstop”,after being suggested on Quora. He had put up an inquiry on Quora- “Whatstart-ups would be good talent acquisitions for Facebook?”By the mid of 2011, Quoranot only redesigned its website but also launched an official Android andiPhone application as well.

The time of 2013 sawvarious new advancements which included- introduction of a blogging platform,Statistics etc. It has now come to a point where it has become home to morethan 16 million answers on 400,000 subjects, and has over 1.5 million visitorsmonthly at a growth rate of 300% across all user metrics.                                                                                      


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