The and more into the Allied cause.

The Treaty of Versailles set the stage for WWII because of placed the blame on Germany for many things.

Such as starting the war, this caused Germans to become angry and countries involved in the agreement. Hitler promised all Germans he would help them and he did that by blaming the Jews and justifying his absurd dictatorship.Japanese, Italian, and German expansionism was motivated by needing resources. They wanted to invade other countries to get what the needed. Germany specifically wanted to build an Aryan nation and dominate Europe. They were all ultimately motivated because of the unfair treatment the Treaty of Versailles gave to them.

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The League of Nations did not make themselves a powerful force against Germany and Japan. The practice do appeasement by most nations allowed Japan and Germany to feel unthreatened and able to continue their actions of invading other countries. This encouraged Hitler to become more and more outrageous with his demand but no one  took action because of domestic reasons or fear of another world war.

After WWI most Americans did not want to get involved with European affairs. They felt that in order to keep their democratic government they needed to remain isolated for European affairs and conflicts. WWI was supposed to be the war to end all wars, America feared another world war.The appeasement of Hitler at the Munich conference exchanged short-term peace for Hitler’s invasion of Europe.

At the Munich Conference Chamberlain agreed to pressure Czechoslovakia into submitting to Hitler’s ruling, thinking that Hitler would stop there. After Hitler annexed the part of  Czechoslovakia agreed to at the conference, it gave him the mindset that he could get away with whatever he wanted. Chamberlain’s appeasement gave Hitler more power that led to a war between Britain and Germany.The breaking point of America was the attack of Pearl Harbor by Japan. Roosevelt inched more and more into the Allied cause. At first the Neutrality Acts attempted to prevent the US involvement with the conflicts happening in Europe and Asia. Yet, the Lend Lease Act signed by Roosevelt allowed the US to provide military aid to Allied countries. Finally the Japan attack put the cherry on top and these events led to the entrance of the US into WWII.

The Four Freedoms, Atlantic Charter, and the Fourteen points all aimed for democracy and peace after their respective wars. Wilson designed the Fourteen Points following WWI and it advocated for peace terms, restoration of territories conquered during the war, national self-determination, and improved international relations. The Four Freedoms came from Roosevelt during WWII while Hitler’s fascists ideals were dominating Europe advocating for the freedom of speech and expression, the freedom to worship God in his own way, freedom from fear and freedom from want. The Atlantic charter advocated for not joining the war for territorial gains, supporting self-government, easing of trade restrictions, and abandoning the use of force. The Fourteen Points were resolutions for after the war and how nations should recover while the Atlantic Charter were war aims for the war.

Atlantic charter and Four Freedoms were also agreed upon by Roosevelt and Churchill.On December 7, 1941, the surprise attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor ignited the United States to take initiative and put themselves into European affairs. The United States nullified their isolation policy and put themselves into WWII some Americans didn’t agree with the decision but many Americans did because it gave America a common enemy. The hatred that spread towards Japanese Americans pressured FDR  to create the internment camps.World War ll was the end to the Depression because labor and industrial production increased massively for the war effort. In order to fight in the war America needed men to enlist in the war which many men did, this created jobs for men in battle and women on the home front. The reduction of spending and taxes helped give the economy a jumpstart.

WWII affected the relationship between private businesses and the federal government because the government was able to regulate what the businesses produced. Private businesses switched there products to military based products during WWII. This new relationship helped contribute to the concept of total war. Dyeing the war, to get African Americans involved the government made the idea of DoubleV. which meant it American won WWII then Black Americans won the war they were fight for equal right. On the field Black Americans received discrimination by their fellow peers. Hispanics did not  experience as much discrimination as African Americans and Japanese did during the war.

The Bracero Program allowed Mexicans to come to the US to work on crop fields. Native Americans were given jobs as code talkers and were pinned the name Navajo Code Talkers. Japanese Americans were put into internment camps because they were considered threats.Similar to WWI when the men went to fight women stayed and took their jobs with no problem. The only difference is that the government encouraged the help of women with propaganda such as, Rosie the Riveter. Women were able to serve in all four branches of the military but still women were paid less than men and when the men returned from the war millions of women were fired.

The disappointment and memories of WWI were still fresh in African Americans minds, they did not want their efforts to go ignored once again m. This lead to the debate of whether Africans Americans needed to choose between fighting in the war or fighting in America for their civil rights. This caused people to adapt the term Double V, which meant that if they helped fight in the war they would be also fighting and winning civil rights. Many joined the war but they were not going to let their efforts go into without recognition.Organized labor helped the war because in included women, when hiring for jobs. The government set higher prices on the services of the organized labor which was a bit controlling but still did help the war efforts overall.

One was not more successful than the other because they both contributed in helping win the war.Sacrifices made by America during WWII was the system of sacrificing limiting the amount of good a person could buy. The United States government rationed automobiles, tires, gasoline, fuel oil, coal, firewood, nylon, silk, and shoes. The reason for rationing was for America to practice total war and to do so they had to cut back the spending of Americans African Americans migrated from the south and into the North in places like New York and New Jersey. They faced so many hardships in the south such as the Jim Crow laws and lynching.

They figured the best solution would be to just leave, although they they still did face discrimination in was not as prominent as in the south. Hispanics migrated to the United States for better job opportunities and better lives. They too faced discrimination l, for example, the Zoot Suit Riots cause a lot of hatred toward Hispanics in America because at the time America was rationing materials. After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, rumors spread, based on racial prejudice, about a plot among Japanese-Americans to sabotage the war. In 1942, Roosevelt removed everyone of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast and into internment camps.

Most Japanese-Americans in the states could not own land, become citizens, or vote. The tensions over the military strategy at the end of WWII were between the USSR and Great Britain and the U.S. Soviet leader, Stalin wanted the allies to launch an invasion on Germany as soon as possible because Russia was being destroyed by Germany. Churchill and FDR wanted to start on the outside and make their way into the middle while bombing Germany from the air. The main reason for the destruction of the Axis Powers were that the Allies dedicated themselves to the concept of total war. It means the nation devoted all of their resources towards war efforts. The Allies weakened the Axis Powers by freeing France on D-Day.

The U.S and the USSR crosses the Rhine into Western-Germany and worked together to defeat the Axis Powers.When WWII began most Americans wanted to remain neutral. Although Americans did not know how severe the Nazis treatment towards the Jews were, but they did know about the discrimination towards Jews in Europe. The U.S left their immigration laws the same and did not allow Jews into the U.

S during WWII. The military strategy during WWII in the Pacific was island hopping. The Pacific war had racism among the Japanese and the Americans because each group felt they were superior to the other. Propaganda, at the time, influences the way both races felt towards one another.

 By August 1945, Japan has lost WWII and both the U.S and Japan knew it. Japan has the decision to either surrender or fight and they chose to fight. President Truman was faced with four options, continue conventional bombing of Japan, invade Japan, demonstrate the bomb on an unpopulated island or lastly demonstrate the bomb on a populated city in Japan. Truman chose option four and dropped two bombs, one in Hiroshima and one in Nagasaki. The bomb killed thousands of citizens.The economy of Europe, Japan, and other countries were in shambles after WWI, but the U.S became an economic and political powerhouse.

It has new technologies that were developed during the war. The U.S and the USSR emerged as two superpowers of the 20th century. Development of atomic bombs changed the nature of future wars. Women involved in the workforce sparked changes after WWII.

A turning point in WWII was the successful invasion on D-Day. Hitler was aware the his days were numbered if the invasion came from the West. If the invasion was prevented, Hitlers hold on Western Europe would have remained firm. Over 10,000 Allied troops died during the D-Day invasion, with the Germans close to 1,000.


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