Who was his mother and

FREDERICK DOUGLASS QUESTIONS 1. Who was Frederick’s father? Who was his mother and did he really have a relationship with her? 2. What does Frederick say about miscegenation? 3. What did Douglass say about the singing of slaves? 4. Why were slaves afraid to talk about their misgivings with slavery? 5. Who was Mr.

Gore? What did he do to a slave named Demby? 6. Why did Douglass look upon his going to Baltimore as evidence of good luck and divine providence? 7. Who was Sophia Auld and what did slavery do to her personality?What was the slaveholder’s attitude about teaching a slave? What inspired Douglass to want to learn? 8. What was the difference in treatment of the city slave as opposed to the country slave? 9. How did Douglass go about learning how to read and write? What started to happen inside of Douglass after he learned how to read? 10. When did Douglass see the most brutal effects of slavery? How did his grandmother fit into this picture? 11.

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How is Thomas Auld described?Why did he send Douglass to Mr. Covey? 12. What characterized Covey’s personality? Why was Covey the turning point for Douglass? According to Douglass what may have kept Covey from retaliating against him? What is the significance of the root? 13. According to Douglass, how does a slaveholder discourage a slave’s wish for freedom? 14.

What does Douglass say about slaveholders and religion? 15. Why did Douglass not reveal his method of escape? What did he say about the underground railroad?


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