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Question #4 The definition of safety culture is the attitude, beliefs perception and values that employees share in relation to safety in the workplace. Safety culture organization is essential for the prevention of injuries and illness. Organizational culture is observing the successes of protecting the employee in the work environment from any accident or risk that may put the employee’s life in danger. In a strong safety culture companies, everybody thinks they are responsible for the safety management. There is a lot of benefits of the safety culture companies, such as low accident rate and associated costs, reduced staff turnover and associated cost of recruitment and training, higher productivity and performance and higher worker satisfaction and better morale.

There are some steps to ensure that is a strong safety culture ensure that everyone knows and understand the hazards and risks in the workplace also make safety performance everyone’s responsibilities of all managers, supervisor, and workers. However, a good example of how safety culture affect work as we know, safe work rules or regulation can be destined to failure if management and the workers do not follow the standers and equally support them. Example of irresponsible supervisor, a rule requires to use a safety glasses and a helmet then a senior manager walks around the plant without them as well. in this case, the safety culture promotes a sense that the rules do not matter at all. Another example of a divided team that happened last week in MTECH campus which there were two workers arguing and screaming at each other and they were also close from the edge that is an example if bad team and management.   In conclusion, the safety culture impact responsibilities and communicate regularly with employees about safety in the workplace.

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As long as the workplace is following the rules and work as a team there is going to be fewer hazards if not and better morale. 


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