Question: how the government is inhibiting the amount

Question: 7It’s only okay for the government to get involved in family planning if the population of the earth is getting out of hand and we are running out of resources. If the population keeps going up at the rate it is going, we are going to need to administer rules about how many kids each family can have or else we are going to run out of resources fast. In Ender’s Game families are only allowed to have two children unless the government says they can have more. (Page 5) “It wasn’t his fault he was a third. It was the government who authorized it.” This shows how the government is inhibiting the amount of children a family can have, and only certain families can have more than two kids. (Page 308) “I mean there they are fertile, with housing and industry in place, and all the buggers are dead. We can repeal the population limitation laws.” Only if we run out of space should this type of law ever be put into practice and right when we get more space the law should go out of practice. NOT DONEQuestion: 8The xenocide in Ender’s game is vindicated. It was inevitable because there was never anyway for them to communicate, without communication the humans might do something the buggers find threatening, then the buggers would attack or vice versa. (Page 297) “They’ll never attack us again. You did it. You,”. In this scenario xenocide was justified and done for a the reason that if they didn’t, the probability that the buggers would attack again would be to high. (Page 296) “End them or end us”.  The Buggers and the humans would not have been able to get along without communication, without an alliance, they were running out of space they needed Earth, the would come back. (Page 297) “It’s what had to happen”.  The buggers would have comeback and because they needed the space and at the end of the day they will care more about themselves then the human race


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