Question lose direction they risk salary reduction

Question AThe company’s culture was changed to one which each employee had to be assessed monthly to see if he meets his sets objectives and goals. Underperforming workers were put on an improvement plan that preceded layoffs if they did not shoe improvements (Kimberley-2016). This was in a bid to induce the workers to be smarter if they lose direction they risk salary reduction or layoffs.The new culture has had its fair share of criticism from labor professionals that states that workers salaries reduction and being subjected to unfair developments breaches the property rights that employers hold on their employees. It state that contractual terms should not be altered especially if it touches on issues of salaries and pensions.Dead wood employees are excess employees that organization usually hires to come in handy in times of business boom. It is a set that does not have enough work to do on a daily basis and their cost does not meet their output value.Performance culture is one that induces workers to strictly stick to their works objectives and goals.

It is a culture that acts as a layoff threat if we get inference from the Kimberly Clark case.Question BMicrosoft Company has felt the effect the effect of Satya Nadella since he was appointed as the new chief executive officer. Taking over from a chest thumping management style used by his predecessor, he brought a paradigm shift by emphasizing on empathy (nadella-2015). He motivated his workers to be more innovative and his rivals to be accommodative to competition.His style fostered commitment and motivation in workforce and more innovations came on board. He initiated partnerships with arch rivals like Google, Apple and Amazon companies by showing that they can all co-exist. This organizational culture has reception good reception among its customers and competitors as well as enjoyment of an annual rise in revenues and profits.From Nadella’s management style I learn that inclusivity of all market players towards betterment of social good is a good way of maintaining healthy competition they all come on board to draw their market lines.

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The empathy style has also proved to be a good way to motivate workers to think outside the box as they all feel part and parcel of the company. I would recommend all organizations to embrace that style of organization.Question CChicago cubs had been a victim of insults and slanderous criticism due its 108 years trophy dryspell. All that changed Maddon was appointed as the team manager.

He was able to change the organization style and beef up the glory to dust teams’ loyalty among its fans. He changed the view that the sports industries; always relying on talent. His organization model showed that leadership skills were also vital in bringing the titles home as he mixed the already available talent with his customized skills to sharpen his team (ryan-2017). He always motivated the players not to focus on the pressure but rather on the pleasure side of them.

He ignited the winning spirit by having a clear communication line to always show them that they can do it. At every opportunity he had he would show the players that he trusted them, this also boasted their spirits as they demonstrated on the pitch. It is only under Maddon’s stewardship was the team able to break it 108 title dry spell. Lessons from this organization style teach all managers to employ a high degree of motivation among its their teams so as to get the desired achievement. People always have what it takes to perform by they need good leadership to let it out


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