Question wolf”- she deliberately tries to catch the

Question 1: Comment closely on the presentation of inner conflict in the poem ‘Little Red’ and the reader’s response, saying how far it reflects the concerns of Duffy’s The World’s Wife. Inner conflictWanting to be a writer (she is bored of the wolf)Entering adulthood (transition between adolescence and adulthood)Duffy revises the character in little red cap which establishes at the beginning of the poem of a female voice”The houses petered out”- Her childhood is slowly fading away becoming more independent as she is alone without her parentsContrast between “playing fields and “woods” shows the transition from childhood to adulthood where the playing field is more tranquil and pleasant while the wood is dangerous and spooky “Clapped eyes on the wolf”- she deliberately tries to catch the wolf’s attention, so she becomes a predator with confidences -> breaking the rules”Reading his verse out loud in his wolfy drawl -; Autobiographical reference to portray the wolf as her ex-husband Adrian Henri when Duffy was sixteen it conveys that he is confident and intelligent to express himself Introduction: Duffy presents inner conflict through a different version of Little Red Riding Hood which thrives on the transition from adolescence to adulthood, male dominated world of writing and the shift in roles between a man and woman. This is typical throughout the World’s wife collection because Duffy is exploring the representation of a woman by revising a character in Little Red Cap which establishes a female voice in the beginning of the poem. First Paragraph: In the beginning of the poem, Little Red Cap resolves around a young girl in a first-person narrative showing a transition from an innocent and vulnerable child into a strong and calculated woman that is indulged about a wolf portrayed as a symbol of men. “The house petered out” implies that Little red is leaving her childhood behind as she is becoming more independent.

This suggest that she is going to stumble upon many obstacles because it resonates within a journey into adulthood of many challenges in a modern world. The juxtaposition between “playing fields” and “edge of the wood” contrasts a morbid atmosphere conveying a sense of uneasiness compared with the original story. Duffy presents the World Wife of a gender hierarchy because it engages an emphasis of finding one’s voice as a woman. 2nd ParagraphIn addition, Duffy demonstrates self conlifct by

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