Q21. Nowadays computers are the one of the

Q21. Describe the applications areas of computer? Nowadays computers are the one of the essential part of our life to make the life easier and faster.

Computers are used in different field and some of the fields are as follows:• Education: Computers are highly used in education sectors. Students and teachers can research on it, to do online projects, to communicate with each other while studying from another part it is also used for online learning. We can keep the data of both students and faculty members.• Business:  Computers are mostly used in business sectors. We can keep the data and information of staff and their work. With the help of different software we can analyze how business is going.

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Online marketing of business is possible and it helps to make business grow more effectively. • Industry:Computers are mostly used in the sectors of industry. To operate heavy vehicle or    machine computers are being used. Computers are making the industries easy to do their work as it is done more effectively.• Hospitals and Medical labs:One of the important are of computer is hospitals. Computers are used for doing different operons and are used in the herb labs or in biomedical lab.

ECG MRI is done with the help of computer.• E-Commerce:It is one of the important areas of computers in modern world. With the help of e-commerce we can buy, pay bills, or can do different kinds of financial transactions online. It is more secure than paying in cash.Q22. Write down the difference between ROM & RAM?RAM ROMi. “RAM stands for Read Access Memory” i) “ROM stands for Read Only Memory”i. It is a volatile type of memory ii) It is a non-volatile type of memoryii.

It costs more than ROM iii) It is cheaper than RAMiii. It is faster than ROM iv) It is slower than RAMiv. eg SRAM i) eg   EEPROMQ23. Explain the features of word-processing package?The features of word-processing package are as follows:-a. To create a documents or reports.b. To apply the different format to make it more attractive c. To take out a print on what you see and what you give basisd.

To edit and update the contentse. To delete or drop file or document. Q26. How can you apply the following things in MS-word?1.

Change Font: –   To change font you need to do select the text to change after that click on the font option from the home tab after that you will see font dialogue box with different effects and click on the different effects as well as on the given option that appears on your choice.2. Using multiple columns: – To use multiple columns you need to select the nearest column of the table and right click on that. After that in insert option choose column at either left or right and you will get the required columns.Q25. What are the different between compiler and interpreter?Compiler Interpreteri.

It compiles all the programs at once. I) It takes single line statement program at a time.ii.

“It can generate intermediate object code.” ii) “It cannot generate intermediate object code.”iii.

“It executes it conditional control statement faster” iii) “Conditional control statement executes slower than compiler”iv. example c iv) example python


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