Q1. Internet to carry information but remains

Q1. Do you agree with the statement that security has proven to be a disabler of business, rather than an enabler? Provide at least two arguments in the favor or against of this statement.?

There are two arguments in the favor of this statement that discuss below :

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1-Use Secure Remote Access Methods:
The ability to remotely connect to a network has added a great deal of convenience for end users, but a secure access method, such as a Virtual Private Network (VPN), should be used if remote access is required.
2-Implement Network Segmentation and Apply Firewalls:
Cybersecurity for critical infrastructure sectors that operate industrial control systems, such as the water and wastewater sector, is extremely important given that these systems are increasingly being targeted.

Q2. Mention at least two legal protections available for E-commerce in Pakistan?

There are two legal protections available for E-commerce in Pakistan that explain below:

1- Virtual Private Network (VPN) :
A network that uses the public Internet to carry information but remains private by using encryption to scramble the communications that information has not been tampered with and acces control to verify the identity of anyone using the network.

2- Intrusion Detection System (IDS) :
A special category of software tat can monitor activity across a network or on a host computer, watch for suspicious activity , and take automated action.


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