Q.2 Explain the issues related to the impact

Q.2 Explain the issues relatedto the impact of technology on the business environment, growth throughacquisitions, leveraging synergies, and pricing of acquisition deals.

  Now a day it is very difficult to see the impactof Technology on business Environment, as per the study of Mangalindan 03 Oct2005(EBay Draw Skype Skeeptics on Wall Street), the impact of technology cannotbe underrated in the present century The Basic Issues related toimpact of technology on business Environment are Mentioned Below.Security Issues:Companies are also facedthe issue of handling large volume of Online data, Storage, sharing Data, theCopyrights and other issues Related to Internet Securities. Every Year SeveralOnline Companies Are Hacked by Cyber Criminals and in Return the Got Millionsof Dollars from these hacked companies and their clients. Companies are trying theirbest to boost Cyber Securities but the Cyber criminals invent new ways ofattacking on companies’ business & their Environment Modeof Payment:For the Online BusinessTransaction EBay Linked with PayPal in 2002 it’s all because of Technologywhich make payment Easy through online Transactions as well as the PayPal itselfa secure and trusted payment method with currency conversion, so the peoplefrom different countries can trade easily  GrowthThrough Acquisition:When we Discuss Growththrough acquisition then the First thing which come in our Mind is Compatibilitybecause Technology itself bring the Challenge of Compatibility While acquisitionof the other Acquired Company Technologies are build using different platforms that’swhy different companies find it very difficult to merge their platform becauseof Compatibility issue for this purpose companies need to invest extra money& Effort to enhance the technological compatibility of merging companies  leveraging synergiesInLeverage synergies of merging companies, only User Experience May Not ProperlyWork Because this we can take from the account book but for the customer satisfactionwe need to monitor the user experience of both companies because it’s all aboutthe value and Performance Pricing of AcquisitionDeal It isvery difficult to tell about the Price of Online based companies because pricedepend on the physical assets and for online companies they have lack ofPhysical assets so its difficult to predict the Exact Value of mergingcompanies to support the pricing of acquisition dealsBenefitsu  Newlines of businessesu  Bettercommunication channelsu  Createsa new way to monetize e-commerceu  Expandto global footprintu  Reducedcost of doing businessTermsand conditionsu  Trustu  Opencommunications

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