Q pressure are the leaders as they work

Q 1. Ways to address people’s resistance to changeIn today’s economy, one of the challenges facing many leaders in organizations is the management of rapid speed of change. With the advancement in technology, change has become a daily part of an organization and the ones feeling this pressure are the leaders as they work hard to bring support to this change. Regardless of the impact that comes with the change, there has to be resistance from the people and this can weaken the whole organization.In order to do away with the resistance, Lewin came up with phrases that could be applied so that to overcome these changes. To start with, he suggested the unfreezing phase which would target forces concerning with challenges of maintaining the status quo and also inject a positive mind to people CITATION Col l 1033 (Colin Carnall).

Another way was through changing to a new state where he asked people to come up with new attitudes, new values and behaviors which would affect structural and processor running an organization unlike previous The need to freeze and make the changes permanent is another way of dealing with the resistance to change since it ensures focusing ahead. Q 2. The relationship between planning and performance.Planning has been termed as the defining of the goals, developing of plans and also the establishment of an organization strategies in order to achieve goals in the particular organization so that to allow coordination and integration of work activities. It has been found that planning is of different types.

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Every organization requires planning in that it aids in the reduction in uncertainties where with a good planning system, the organization is able to avoid future risks thus helping in the thriving of the whole organization. Planning also provides direction and future setting of any organization and study has it that performance of any organization is as a result of excellent planning within it in terms of work coordination and strategies used.The performance of an organization is shown in the product and the profits realized in the course of its existence is as a result of better planning techniques laid thus clearly showing the relationship between the two.Q 3.

Competitive advantageCompetitive advantage in many ways is used to refer to a kind of superiority achieved by an organization or a company when its provisions in terms of value are equally the same as that of its competitors but the organization decides to offer at a lower price. At the same time given the product is of high quality it charges a higher price through the availing of a much higher value of the product compared to what another offer. Example when a company decides to advertise a product at a lower price than a competitor, it has to have a competitive advantage.The proposition of value is the most essential when it comes to understanding competitive advantage. It aims at increasing the choices of customers and also boosts up their expectations. Thus in return, they will opt to choose the products they feel will suit them most of the variety available. Q 4.

Differences between a workgroup and a work team. Most of the times in a work team there is independent and consistency in a certain goal by the members who strive to achieve a specific goal, with the use of their positives and also accountability which is mutual while, on the other hand, a workgroup consists of interdependent individuals who might not be in the same work department.Leaders in a workgroup have got dominance and control over the whole group while in work team the leader is more of a facilitator.The leader in a workgroup is the one with the responsibility of assigning members with work while in a work team it’s the members who decide on their distribution of work assignments.Group work is majorly meant for interaction and sharing of information whereas for a work team is only for collective performance.


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