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Putting birthday candles on a birthday cake has its tradition dating from ancient Greek and German cultures. The round cake was developed in Greece an ancient history that honored Artemis, the goddess of the moon. The candles were added and this symbolizes the moon’s glow.

Greeks believed that the candles smoke carried their prayers to the moon.Germany’s tradition began with the ceremony of Kinderfest and the celebrated all the birthdays of young children. Cakes became sweet and featured layers. The candles in this culture represented “the light of life”.Throughout history takes now have become popular just for their taste and their design and it become big industry today. At each ceremonial gathering there is usually a featured cake but birthdays are the ones that have honored the tradition of the candle.

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It is superstition that wishes made when blowing out the candles on your cake, that they will come true, but this is a tradition that most people want to keep around in the future.Birthday cakes have changed with serious development and growth. There are careers that are solely made on the production of these pieces of art. The art of creating a birthday cake is not easy because there are issues of the batter, icing, layers, flavors, shapes and much more. However there is always the final touch that is the candle. It is not just an afterthought as however you top your carefully crafted creation; these candles can be a testament to the ability to finalize this most special package and completes the entire look.

There are other countries though that would like to get rid of the age-old tradition of blowing out the candles due to health reasons. They would like to prevent the spread of germs according to the national health and medical research Council. One can still put these candles on an individual cupcake.Here are 11 of the top candles out there wishing for everyone that all your dreams may come true.


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