Purpose to complete course work both easier

PurposeThe purpose of this proposal is to request that schools provide iPad’s or laptops to students and faculty at the beginning of the school year for all grade levels, and to provide training to the teachers to help implement the new technology in the classroom.

SummaryI was asked if implementing iPads or laptops into the classroom would be beneficial to the students learning and if iPads would help teachers in teaching the different class lessen easier for all types of learners. Currently, most schools are filled with books for students to use, which has served students well in  the years past, but technology is advancing and so should school systems. A study done by Pearson through the Harrison Poll, 2,252 students were surveyed from the grade levels of elementary school, middle school, and high school (“New Study,” 2014). This survey had positive feedback and makes you question why this change has not happened sooner, since this technology has been around for a while.

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By allowing and providing students with the resource of using an iPad, it will allow students to better understand materials that they are being taught in school. This will provide students with all the materials needed to complete course work both easier and more efficiently. This will allow students to have more responsibility of their work and completing tasks on time. Implementing iPads into the classroom may be expensive to start up, teachers might not be ready or willing to make this change, but all the positive outcome from this change will be well worth the initial expense that the school’s will have to put out.I propose that school’s implement iPad’s into the classroom for the grade levels from elementary school all the way through high school and receive reimbursement for the charge through the tuition of the students over the students time at the institution. With the cost of the iPad being charged to the student through their tuition and over the course of their time at the institution, it allows it to be affordable for the students families and allows the student to also keep the iPad at the end of their time at the institution.

I also propose that schools provide training for the teachers on how to use the new technology and how to successfully  implement it into the classroom for the students. This should be done before iPads are given to the students so this way teachers are prepared to help students begin this new journey with new technology.To perform this change in schools will depend on a couple of different things. The cost of this change will depend on how many students and faculty are at the institution, where the school is located, and the grade levels taught at the institution.If this proposal is authorized, I will begin the process of filling out the forms and paperwork needed for this process of enrolling the institution with apple and getting iPads to all the students and staff once all the teachers of the institution have taken training classes to help make the transition go smoothly.

IntroductionI was asked, if implementing iPads into the classroom would be beneficial for both students and teachers. I was also asked, to look into if this advancement in how students are being taught, would be beneficial in how they are learning. During Pearsons survey through the Harrison Poll, the students believe that tablets will change how they learn and make learning more fun (“New Study,” 2014). Yes, I feel that the use of iPads in the classroom will help students understand what they are being taught better for many different reasons.

Currently, schools are using textbooks to teach students, along with a spiral to take notes and to do homework. This has been beneficial for students in the past, but with technology advancing, so should the schools by implementing new technology in the classroom. By new technology I mean the use of iPads and smart boards. With the use this new technology in the classroom, this will not only replace textbooks and spirals, but also allow students and teachers to have the newest edition of any textbook every year and allows them to go paperless. This in turn allows for the students to receive accurate information on that subject from their teacher. If schools are not willing to make this change the only thing that these institutions are doing is holding students back from achievements such as an iPad, can do for them.

Therefore, as instructed, I am providing all the reasons and resources as to why iPads should be implemented into classrooms for students through all grade levels. I am to create a plan that is needed to help make the transition to iPads within the classroom as easy as possible. My plan will contain the following tasks:Discuss how iPads can be used in the classroom.Discuss the positive results that the use of iPads have had for both students and teachers in the classroom.Discuss how iPads are beneficial for all types of learners.Address concerns that teachers and other staff might have on bringing iPads into the classroom.Schedule the needed training classes for both teachers and IT personal.

In the sections that I have listed, I will provide more details on the proposed tasks, schedule, and budget, as well as my credentials and works cited.Proposed TasksWith the approval of the school board, I will perform the following 5 tasks in order to get iPads to students and teachers in the classroom. Task 1: Discuss how iPads can be used in the classroom.

I already have an understanding of how this technology works and the many benefits that come along with it. Operating an iPad is both user friendly and not complicated. IPads can be used for many different things such as to search the web, read a textbook, draw on them, make presentations, group projects, and much more. Teachers can share on the board students projects or assignments, the teacher can see what the students see on their iPads, and easier or quicker communication or exchange of assignments. Another part of class where iPads can be beneficial is group projects.

Group projects can be done on the iPad and each participant can make changes to an assignment all at the same time, while working on their own device. This can be done through a couple of different ways on the iPad. Task 2: Discuss the positive results that the use of iPads have had for both students and teachers in the classroom. From what I have researched, iPads can be extremely beneficial to both students and teachers. They offer many different apps for education that can be used to have all of the students books in one place, take notes, complete a project and much more. Using iPads can help a student understand the material better and in turn increase the students scores, which will in turn allow for the school’s scores to increase.

An example of this is when a student does not understand a math problem, they can watch a video on how to solve that math problem as many times as they need to until they understand the math problem (Davide Savenije, 2012). Some of the other positives that iPads have  are as follows:turn in course workcan be used in all subjects improve test scores for all types of learnersstudents can be guided through lessonstake attendancequicker grading of assignments and tests track students progress on assignmentsWith the positive effects of the ones listed and mentioned above, will make learning for students easier and more enjoyable. This will also take stress off of teachers and allow for more time working with students.Task 3: Discuss how iPads are beneficial for all types of learners.Learning from student to student is different and can sometimes seen as impossible for some learners. This is because most teachers only teach one way and if a student does not understand what is being taught that way, they are left to seek help elsewhere or just give up. This can sometimes be costly for the student or the students parents.

IPads will offer a new way for all types of students to learn through the different apps and customization to the iPad that can be done to serve that students needs. An example of how a teacher can teach all types of learners at once is through project based learning, which all can be done on the iPad (Carey and Moorehead, 2016)Task 4: Address concerns that teachers and other staff might have on bringing iPads into the classroom.The idea of bringing technology into the classroom that allows students to communicate with others, be on social media, search the web, or them just be a distraction, has many people unhappy. A couple of big issues that people have, is that they see them as a distraction to students, charging issues, and more (Catapano, n.d.

) I have already looked into these issues and solutions to these concerns. Apple (2018) allows teachers to lock and unlock apps on the students devices, which in turn no longer allows the iPad to be a distraction and allows it to serve its purpose for course work. Having students come to class everyday may be a problem, but also has a solution. The solution for students always coming to class with their iPad charged would be the responsibility of the parents. This would be done by sending home a contract at the beginning of the school year where both students and parents have to sign stating that the student will have their iPad charged for school each day or face consequences. Task 5: Schedule the needed training classes for both teachers and IT personal.Implementing new technology without everyone knowing how to use it or use everything that it offers makes it difficult and people less willing to make the change.

This is why taking a class that will teach teachers and IT how to use it will be beneficial for everyone. Through apple, they  offer different workshop classes that teach you the basics of how to use a iPad to how to make the iPad more for your own needs. These classes are open to everyone so the entire class can attend the workshop or just IT personal. I do recommend that if only IT personal attend the workshop class that holds a class to teach the other staff how to successfully operate an iPad. This is important because teachers and IT will be in charge of helping students setup the iPad properly. 


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