Psychology in Daily Life

Psychologists and researchers have studied the development process of intelligence and personality of human beings in great detail and have proposed numerous methodologies that trigger this process. According to recent studies individual learning process is the primary factor that contributes to the development of an individual’s personality and intelligence. (Bhattacharya, 2006, p. 90) As stated by Carl Jung, “Personality is the supreme realization of the innate idiosyncrasy of a living being”. Having mentioned that, an individual’s personality and intelligence are two factors that tie in with each other greatly. Superior intelligence gives rise to better learning and as a result paves way for further development in the individual’s traits and personality and affects other areas of the individual’s functioning such as memory, social interactions and behaviour, and tendency to adopt certain behaviour.

(Bhattacharya, 2006, p. 90) Intelligence is said to affect various facets of personality and is considered to be an integral part of personality by researchers. The Intelligence-personality relationship is a highly complex one, fundamentally because both these phenomenon affect each other in so many ways that it is difficult to determine whether it is personality that affects intelligence or vice versa. Furthermore, as an individual ages both of these phenomena become more and more intricate and complex. (Weiss & Deary, 2011) This s partially because as an individual become more advanced in his years, he obtains a repertoire of experiences that help him through the remainder course of life. Recent researches and findings have stated that intelligence and personality can be taken as valid indicators t predict the susceptibility of the individual to fall ill and die prematurely. (Weiss & Deary, 2011) This study was conducted by Ian J.

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Deary and Alexander Weiss from the University of and reviewed by Keri Chiodo in the journal of the Association for psychological sciences in February, 2011. Medical and Psychological researchers have stated that there is a huge and major correlation between the individual’s personality and intelligence, and his or her physiological well-being. (Weiss & Deary, 2011) Though, medical reports and researches have not given sufficient amount of evidence to deal with the subject in absolute and determine the types of disease that the individual is susceptible to.

However, the type of personality that the individual possesses is usually associated with the number of hospitalizations and usually, most of the time researchers have associated low intelligence greater number of accidents and the individual partaking in activities and behaviour that can be seriously detrimental. (Weiss & Deary, 2011) For instance, Type A people are usually more cautious and adhere strictly to treatment regimen and generally more health conscious than other people. And an individual who possesses a Type B personality is more laid-back and a Type D individual has more negative emotional functioning that increases their risk to suffer from an illness and die a premature death due to their high stress levels.

(Weiss & Deary, 2011) However, all these findings are largely based on speculations and there is no set way f defining personality, as the phenomenon is vastly subjective and personality and intelligence is an extremely diverse trait. There is no way intelligence and personality can be quantified. Hence, it is a plausible method to predict the longevity of an individual but requires more evidence t back the theory up.

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