Proposal to help fight against domestic violence in Pocatello, Idaho

Domestic violence is a problem that is prevalent in the American society and latest statistics show that it is running out of control. Therefore effort must be made to stem the spread of this vice which has now been declared a criminal offence. While statistics explain the extent to which this social vice has been ingrained in the society, the social vice is having a number of effects.

It problem has been declared as a criminal offence as well as a social and health issue. It affects men, women as well as children in equal measure. Women and children however are the largest number of victims of domestic violence in America (Hayward, Steiner and Sproule para 1). The offence includes the physical attacks, psychological torture, economic manipulation as well as sexual abuse and harassment. These abuses have both short term and long term effects and leaves the victim in a poor emotional, social and even economic state (para 2). Furthermore those victims abused by an intimate partner tend to have more emotional, mental and physical consequences than those who that are victims of attacks from strangers.

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There have been attempts to record statistic on the occurrence of this crime by state. In Idaho alone, it has been reported that about 6177 domestic violence incidences occurred in the year 2009. This is a worrying statistics and shows that at least 17 cases happen every 24 hours (Laird para 1).

As such, the family, which is the basic unit that forms the society, is bearing the brunt of this social vice. Therefore there is need to intensify the fight against domestic violence. Several programs have been put in place to stop the vice. This includes jail terms for offenders, legal fines, restrictions and incarceration. Other programs include behavioral and attitudinal modification for the offenders (Hayward Steiner and Sproule para 4). However this seems not to be enough.

More partners such as corporate organization need to be engaged in activities that involve the sensitization of the society at the family level. Therefore Walmart has organized a sensitization program in Pocatello, Idaho.


Having realized the need to involve the family unit in dealing with this vice, Walmart has organized a sensitization program that will involve the education of whole family to increase awareness on the issue. Walmart will team up with like minded companies and corporate organizations, in the organization of the event that has been dabbed “Walmart Stands Up Against Domestic Violence.” The purpose of the vent will be to involve the family in several ways.

During the event all family members including children will be encouraged to engage in positive dialogue at home as a way of enhancing peace and constructive domestic conflict resolution (Daya para 3). This will help avert situations that would degenerate into domestic violence. The family unit will also be educated about the gross effects of the vice and the possible counter effects. Each family member will also be sensitized on the roles they should play as individual’s at home and even in the society to avert the crisis. Most importantly attendants will be given useful information on groups that they can turn to for help should they fall victims to domestic violence. The event organizers will also have session’s where people are informed of the legal options available in the state of Idaho that deals with domestic violence.

Lastly, attendants will be educated on how to identify traits and signs in their partners and take cover before they fall victims. There are several business communities that will be involved in the event. They are Family Service Alliance, Ridleys Family Markets and Rose Park Aquatic Complex. Each of these will have specific roles they will play in making the event a success.

Family Services Alliance will provide information and education services for attendants. While Rose Park Aquatic Complex will organize parallel recreational and entertainment activities such as swimming and face painting for children, the parents can use that opportunity to visits family services alliances stands and get useful information about domestic violence (Daya para 2). Educators will provide and use such educational, materials such as brochures and posters. These two materials contains condensed information, while booklets, information guides and reports are a bit detailed and will be used for further learning and reference (OPDV para 1).

The organization will also organize open forums for adults with the intention of getting the public opinion on the vice and possible methods to eliminate it. Rose Park Aquatic Complex will play the host and has volunteered to provide the following services during the three day event. They will provide catering for volunteers, and participating teams free of charge but will also set up a temporary cafe for family snacks. The host will also provide recreational facilities such as swimming competition for children, face painting as well bouncing castles. There will also be adult fun events such as tag of war. Ridley Family Markets will provide support staff that will be very handy in coordinating the event. It will also provide refreshments and snacks offer to transport volunteers to and from the venue.


The benefits of this event cannot be quantified as there would be no proper mechanism for that.

However, there will be certain achievement that can be identified at the end of the event. Most importantly, the event, being held for three days, will increase awareness of the problem in the Pocatello, Idaho community (Lehmann para 3). This is because part of the training will involve statistics of the nature and trend that the vice assumes.

The participants will also be encouraged to share the information during the event with any person who they know is a victim of domestic violence. This information will include contact for support groups for such victims. The event organizer will also importantly gather public opinion and knowledge on the vice, which will be use in further developing educational materials for future events. The event has also established mechanism for any participant who wants to share information in confidence.

Such will include participants who want to share persona experiences or reveal names of possible victim they are aware of. Should such people be identified follow up will follow with the aim of linking them with relevant support groups. Most importantly the event organizers have organized dramatized scenarios that highlight the importance of dialogue in resolving family conflict. In addition to these benefits, the participating business organizations will benefit greatly from such social events. They will have an opportunity to team up together and show concern for the community. Such community involvement will enhance the businesses’ publicity that will improve the companies’ public image and popularity. Moreover the vent will be used by Walmart to prove that it embraces fair competition from small business such as Ridleys. Walmart will also use the event to market its promotion that is offering discounted family packs such as breakfast, sanitary, laundry as well as soft drinks for the local Pocatello community in its local outlet.

Cost Analysis

The following is the break down of the costs for the three day event: US$ 5000 for renting Rose Park Aquatic Complex recreational facilities like swimming pools, bouncing castles and swings US$ 2000 for refreshments for volunteers US$ 4000 For advertising and printing educational materials US$ 1000 for paramedics, security and firefighting services US$ 500 for hiring portable restrooms The grand total budget for the vent is US$ 12500


Domestic violence is real and happens to common people every day. It is a vice that should not be tolerated because it is the violation of human rights the supreme constitution seeks to uphold. Statistics prove that more people than imagined are victims of such heinous acts. As such there is need to involve the family by the way of helping it acknolwged that the problem persist and that it’s the family that stands to loose. Sensitizing the family will involve the corporate world. Companies will thus get this opportunity to show that they care for the family unit and by being involved business organization will prove that they are concerned about the social welfare and development of the family. Walmart will as use this event to show that it cares for the family by running a parallel promotion that offers family goods at a discount to the local community.

This will boost the organizations public image.

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