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Projectmanagers have access to numerous resources, which permit them to improve ontheir performance through education and training. One of the resources thathave helped me remain focused on my profession is Project Minds(http://www., which incorporates severalproject management-related websites.  Ihave chosen to follow advice offered in this site because it offers informationon project financing, decision-risk analysis, architectural practices, earnedvalue management, the management roundtable, as well as internet technology.

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ProjectMinds consists of articles and links that focus on how to maximize the use ofresource in order achieve the best results from different projects. Forinstance, Critical Chain Project Management link offers case studies and otherinformation on the management of projects. The resource also expounds on theproject management degrees that can be sought outside the U.

S., in addition toassociations that deal with project management activities. TheProject Management site ( has also beeninfluential in my quest to training continuously in project management, as itoffers knowledge on leadership, career development, community management,change management, among other topics. I find this resource useful because itenlightens on achieve one’s objectives in project management. The latestinformation on this site illustrates on managing talent, whereby the projectmanagers are advised on how to bring out the best from their teams.

One of thearticles by Baxter indicated thatproject management can adopt change through planning, communication, as well astime spent on promoting the project, to attain success in a project. Baxteralso endeavored to create awareness on how a project can have an impact on theorganizational culture, thus, compelling the organization to adopt change inorder to achieve the benefits of the project.              WorksCited “Usefulwebsites.” Project Minds, 2018, http://www.projectminds.

com/usefulwebsite.html.Accessed 5 Jan. 2018.Baxter, Aimee. “Practical methods for successfulchange adoption.” Project Management,Nov.

20, 2017,

Accessed 5 Jan. 2018. 


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