PROJECT such as Select Products, Search Products,

PROJECT PROPOSALON ELECTRONIC STORE Project Advisor:Professor Adil Waheed Sb Submitted by:Project Leader : Usama Qayyum Project Member: Khalid Mahmood Project Member: Gulshan Naveed Project Member: Sadia Sami Contents TOC o "1-3" h z u HYPERLINK l "_Toc250573418" 1. Abstract PAGEREF _Toc250573418 h 3 HYPERLINK l "_Toc250573419" 2.

Introduction PAGEREF _Toc250573419 h 3 HYPERLINK l "_Toc250573420" 3. Motivation PAGEREF _Toc250573420 h 4 HYPERLINK l "_Toc250573421" 3.1 Objectives5 HYPERLINK l "_Toc250573422" 3.2 Benefits5 HYPERLINK l "_Toc250573423" 4. Implementation PAGEREF _Toc250573423 h 5 HYPERLINK l "_Toc250573424" 4.

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1 Technologies PAGEREF _Toc250573424 h 5 HYPERLINK l "_Toc250573425" 4.2 Structure of the system7 HYPERLINK l "_Toc250573426" 5. Conclusion71.AbstractThe PROJECT PROPOSAL covers the design and implementation of the “ELECTRONIC STORE” an Online Store which is the name of the store that we are working for. The main requirement of this project is to create the website in the least expensive yet in a professional way – thus, an open-source solution known as OS Commerce is utilized to develop the e-commerce system.

The Website is implemented in HTML,CSS, BOOTSTRAP,JQUERY and PHP and consists of two main components: Admin and Customer side.Admin side consists of the features such as Creating User name & Password, Input Items, Modify Items, Delete items, Query Sale Data, Query Database’s data, and Logout. Customer side consists of the features such as Select Products, Search Products, Buy Items, Continue Shopping, Sign-in, Creating an Account, Bill/Ship Information, Confirm, Send Order, and Delete Order.

The project has been planned to be having the view of distributed architecture, with centralized storage of the database.The database connectivity is planned using the “SQL Connection” methodology. The standards of security and data protective mechanism have been given a big choice for proper usage.2.

IntroductionOnline Shopping has a major disrupter in retail industry.Customers can now search for product information and place product orders.Using Online Shopping methods,customers do not need to consume energy by physically visiting physical store,but save time and the cost of travelling.Electronic Store is an online website where the customer can purchase Different Products online. Through a web browser the customers can search for a different Electronic Products online by its id, name, prices and categories.The user can login using his account details or new customers can set up an account very quickly.

They should give the details of their full name, email account, username and password.Customers can orders Electronic Products, and they will be contacted to further process the orders.This website is created to help to increase its sales as well as to acquire more customers in the Electronic Products market. As well as, to treat every supplier, employee, and customer with honesty, dignity and respect, improve all aspects of service delivery to our customers, our employees and our community and to provide a safe and convenient environment to Electronic Store. And supplier can view sales details.

Finally he dispatch ordered Electronic Products to the customer’s address to where the goods have to be delivered. The admin of the web site provides a unique username and password for each employee through which he can login. Admin also has the authority to add details of the items to be sold.

And he also has the right to edit or delete that Information to/from the list.The key features of the proposed system are the followingCreate an account.Log in to the Website.Provide different type of searching facilities. Easy Browsing for available titles.Ability to check the status of an order. Maintain customer information. Customer should be able to customize his order.

Customer can manage profile.Online SMS and Email Send to the Customer.Upload and edit product images and descriptions.Manage orders received from customers.Logout to the Website3. MotivationThe main purpose of this project is to develop an Online Electronic store that provide facilities for finding the appropriate Electronic Products item of choice and purchase the Products just by a mouse clicks. It require no more effort.Online store provide high quality services to all its customers with a professional, kind, and supportive manner.

This system is committed to being the best in all areas of its business.3.1 ObjectivesThe main objectives of a Electronic Store website are:-To learn about the Purchase Online Electronic Products.Impress our customers, current and prospective, to encourage future business.

Improve all aspects of service delivery to our customers, our employees and our community.To create a prototype web site focusing on one of the many problems that arises within Store.To evaluate the prototype with an existing online Products retailer.Provide a safe and convenient environment to Store.3.2 BenefitsThe main benefits of using the system are:-Better managementLess administrative workImproves Ensure better complianceIn the new system customer can purchase Electronic Products online.Save time and money by online Electronic Products shopping.Customer can see the latest Products.

4. Implementation4.1 TechnologiesThe tools used to develop the Electronic Store include:Front End:HTMLCSSBOOTSTRAPJQUERYHTMLHTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language, is the common language of the World Wide Web, which is so old that you can be sure any browser anywhere in the world will accept it.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a mechanism for controlling style (e.g. fonts, colours spacing) for HTML. A style sheet is made up of rules, each of which applies to an HTML element and controls a certain aspect of its rendering.BootstrapBootstrap is the most popular HTML,CSS and JS Framework for developing responsive Website.

Bootstrap is the most popular framework for quickly styling your website.JqueryJQuery is a lightweight, "write less, do more", JavaScript library. jQuery takes a lot of common tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code to accomplish, and wraps them into methods that you can call with a single line of code. Back End:PHPPHP is a server-side language which stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. In PHP the script is run on your web server, not on the user’s browser. So there will not be any issues related to compatibility. As compared to other languages such as Perl (CGI) and Java, PHP is a new language. But nowadays it is the popular scripting language on the internet.

MySQLMySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS).It is often used with free software projects that require a full featured database management system. It is popular due to the popularity of PHP, because PHP is often combined with MySQL. MySQL is used mainly in data warehousing, Web databases, e-commerce, logging applications and distributed applications.4.2 Structure of the systemThe online Electronic Store has mainly three types of users and each user have their own login sessions to perform certain task. The users are:-AdminCustomersVisitors5.

ConclusionThe Website is working well so far, and it is easy to install and use. All the features such as Add items, Delete items ‘Modify Item etc. in the Admin side are working well and are user friendly. More designs and decorations should be added to the web pages to make them more attractive. The implementation of this system as a single solution for different businesses was challenging. I have learned a lot about document writing during this progression. The Website “Electronic Store” is created to help the customers to easily online shopping Electronic Products.

The requirements of a basic store have been taken care of, and a few features that can make the application easier to use and easy to understand to the user with beginner level knowledge of computers have been added. We hope that Electronic Store System fulfills all basic requirements for stores with intention of transferring to computerized inventory system. The survey of real world small businesses helped us to understand current practice, and possible needs.Find all the books, read about the author, and more.See HYPERLINK "" search results for this author Are you an author? HYPERLINK "" Learn about Author Central


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