Project work to bring forth an application

ProjectAbstract (mandatory) With the ever-growing percentageof population in the universities attendance is a matter for every person inthe field, it is awful need of the time to come up with effective measures thatcan help to handle this subject of interest that any individual in today’ssociety experiences on daily basis.

Unfortunately, this matter is not welladdressed in both academic and as well as practical field as it ought to be.Our aim is to highlight the importance of this issue which gets easilyneglected as people violate it by using proxy and other means. Surveys showsthat most of the universities and students cannot be able to upgrade themselvesdue to non-serious attitude of students towards their presence at time. Forthis project, we are hard at work to bring forth an application which not onlyreduces this violation of attendance, but also helps universities to gets itssymptoms and its aftermaths. In the evaluation phase of the project, surveyswill be conducted to check how effective the application has been in minimizingthe attendance violation.

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 Introduction (mandatory)Attendance violation is a major factor indecline and bothering of several bad behaviors as well as in hail of their direevents; cannot be a successful person without knowledge, damaging not only selfbut the dependents and the recourses as well, student absences jeopardize student and university success, excessiveschool absence is a precursor of school dropout and is related to infantilecrime, etc. are only few toname. Investigation has shown that the key to prevention and ideal managementof these situations is stay severe in the following of the policies or measuresthat are taken to minimize this issue.

Scholasticattainment grades are allied with student’s attendance. By staying absent fromuniversity one cannot receive teachings. Average attendance on regular basischarges are a collective problem for institutes regarding their benchmarkscore, nonattendances mean that institutes have less work to do.  Nowadays, mostuniversities and colleges are still using the traditional attendance systemwhich requires student to sign on a piece of paper every time they attend aclass throughout the whole semester.

Using the traditional attendance system,we can obviously see that there are few problems such as it will be no backupfor the attendance records once the lecturer accidentally lost the attendancesheet, course mate help those who did not attend the class sign the attendancewhich also known as buddy-signing as well, hard in analyzing and trackingstudent performances based on attendance factor, student lack of knowledge andskills due to the poor attendance in attending classes, and etc. It isimportant to overcome these problems since it will help in improving theacademic performance of students as well as the teaching environment of thelecturers. Hence, the purpose of carrying out this project is to preventunwanted situation occur and to find out the problems that causes theseproblems as well as find the solutions to overcome these problems.  In the proposed project, we aim to providing apractical, economical and easily accessible solution for effectively reducingthis issue in the area which is most affected by it. Recently, the concept ofusing computer and mobile based applications has gained significant popularityamong software developers.

Similarly, we also plan to achieve the aim of ourproject by designing an easy to use and comprehensive PC window basedapplication that will help in relieving attendance violation amonguniversities.While designing our desired application, we shallutilize the operative camera and image processing knowledge that could beeffective in face detection and recognition. We shall also include suchknowledge of JAVA language.

Our development will be based on detailed study ofthe experiences gained by previous software developers who have worked on thesame lines. Additionally, we will do cross sectional studies on differentrandomly selected individual people to access the reviews that could be givenby the users of this application before and after its use.We have found a surplus of studies when it comes toput a figure on attendance violation. Unluckily, students who didn’tattend more than 6 classes in a course(s) areexhibiting learning, performance, or emotive problems often have establishedreally negative perceptions of teachers, subjects/courses, and university ingeneral. This can lead to active detachment from classroom teaching anduniversity. Problem in general is, it is needed to develop an appropriate andconventional atmosphere as a high priority for learning improvement. Universitysupport staff and teachers can then cooperate in emerging a key initiative forpleasing those who have been cut off from learning and for retreatingatmospheres that led to the problem.

Therefore, we will try to minimize thissituation be developing said desktop software application for the attendanceproblem especially in universities where it becomes difficult to manage timeboth for teachers and students. Motivation and Scope (mandatory)This projectpurpose is to improve the current paper-based traditional attendance managementsystem that is still in use by many colleges and universities. Student academicattendance is very important since it will affect the students from gainingknowledge and skills as well as their grades.

This project has related aboutthe student attendance system through the matching of their face to confirmtheir attendance. The main purpose of carrying out this project is to develop ahybrid student attendance system for which desktop-based application isdeveloped to obtain the attendance of student by face. As we know, there is oneand only one face occurs in the world for each person which will never hasduplication. So, face attendance system can be known as the best authenticationto detect the individual student attendance record.

In addition, according tothe technology nowadays, it is not unusual anymore to take the attendance of studentsthrough their face.       As a conclusion, using an electronic basedsystem is better than using a paper-based system in order to collect, process,store, and produce the attendance results and perform long-term analysis.    Related Work (mandatory)As we have recognized that attendance violence issue is the majorworries of modern world especially in educational sector and how hazardous theycould be for us. Many researchers and professors have been surfing their timeto come up with a feasible solution to overcome this problem. According to a researchpaper (Should class attendance be mandatory? Students,professors say no By RachelOsman; Rachel OsmanisOsman is asophomore at Indiana University studying journalism and history) Mandatoryattendance in college has always been a highly debated subject.Professors want students to attend all of theirclasses so they can teach them directly, but many students want to be given thefreedom to decide which classes to attend.

Due to the difficulty of regulatinga school-wide attendance policy, most colleges and universities give professorsthe authority to set their own attendance rules.An additional aspect ofmandatory attendance that must be taken into consideration is the possibledistraction caused by students who show up to class only to earn points yetdistract other students as they do everything under the sun except listen tothe professor. For instance, it is not uncommon to go into a college lectureand see many students doing one of the following: sleeping, Facebook chatting,online shopping, watching funny animal videos on YouTube, streaming livesporting events (boys) and pinning wedding dresses on Pinterest (girls). Why Do Students Drop Out?Authors(s): Doll, Eslami, and Walters (2013Study)Doll, Eslami, and Walters (2013) present data frommultiple nationally representative studies (spanning more than 50 years)regarding reasons students drop out of high school. A look at the top tenreasons from each study is presented in the table below; Note that questionsasked, age groups analyzed, and numbers of students surveyed varied from studyto study (database to database), so caution should be taken in makingcomparisons across years and studies.   Top Ten Ranked Reported Reasons for Dropping Out,from Nationally Representative Studiesand Databases Causes (Year 2006) Frequency (%) Missed too many school days 44 Thought it would be easier to get GED 41 Was getting poor grades/failing school 38 Did not like school 37 Could not keep up with schoolwork 32 Was married 28 Got a job 28 Thought could not complete course requirements 26 Could not get along with teachers 25 Could not work at same time 22  ClassAttendance Management System Using NFC Mobile DevicesAuthor(s): Professor Mohamed A. Mohandes (Published online: 31 Aug 2016) Monitoring students’ classattendance in any educational institution is an important process as it isdirectly linked to academic performance.

Collecting the student attendancemanually results in loss of precious time, and also delays in subsequentprocessing of the collected data. In order to help faculty members concentrateon teaching, a solution is proposed for automating, monitoring, and furtherprocessing attendance collection, This paper describes a prototype of ClassAttendance Management System (CAMS) that has been developed and evaluated usingan NFC enabled mobile device and an NFC (or RFID) tag/card. This system helpsschool/university faculty in taking attendance in a class using his/her mobilephone in a quick and simple way, thus saving precious time in a classroom. Facultycan monitor students’ attendance throughout an academic term, issue warnings,and request withdrawal of a student due to poor attendance as per the policy ofthe institution. The application in the NFC enabled phone reads a student ID bysimply tapping it against an NFC student ID card.

The application depends onthe NFC enabled Android devices to read the student campus card, and extracthis ID number to be used as a student identifier in CAMS. The developed systemhas been evaluated at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, SaudiArabia during two academic terms. Positive feedback has been obtained fromfaculty and administration.  An App Helps Teachers Track Student Attendance Author(s): By Natasha Singer (Published Online: JAN. 23,2016) Kinvolved is one of many apps and software services aimed atautomating or streamlining longstanding school practices, like classroombehavior management or exam proctoring. Kinvolved Inc., thethree-year-old start-up that developed the app, was founded by twoentrepreneurs in their 20s, Miriam Altman and Alexandra Meis, who met asgraduate students at the Robert F.

Wagner Graduate School of Public Service atNew York University.Kinvolved’sgoal is to spur greater parental involvement by increasing the details parentsreceive from their child’s school while making the communication process moreefficient. In addition to sending attendance notices in English, Spanish,Haitian Creole and other languages, teachers may use the app to inform parentsabout school events or class tests.Foradministrators and teachers, the app also includes pie charts showing schoolwide or student-specific attendance trends, such as lost instructional time ina given week or month. The Teachers College partnership program is covering thecost of Kinvolved, which can run $2,600 to $10,000 per school year, for fiveHarlem schools. Future Work (optional)The future scope of thisproject is to develop a hybrid student attendance management system through theface scanning. In this project, desktop-based student attendance system will bedeveloped for a purpose just to obtain the face of students who attend theclass.

In addition, desktop-based student attendance system will be developedfor purposes to display the attendance status/condition of every student,generate reports related to the student attendance, and etc. Besides that,proper planning will be carry on in order to perform this project by using theproject methodology that had been chosen.  Gantt Chart (mandatory) Tasks Start Date Finish Date Days to Complete Initial Stage 22-jan-18 01-Feb-18 13 Meeting with Supervisor 22-Jan-18 24-Jan-18 1 Identify Project Background 25-Jan-18 29-Jan-18 5 Fact-Finding 26-Jan-18 01-Feb-18 7 Analysis Stage 27-Jan-18 09-Feb-18 20 Identify Weaknesses and Strengths 27-Jan-18 27-Jan-18 1 Analysis Existing Solutions 28-Jan-18 29-Jan-18 2 Evaluate Existing Solutions 30-Jan-18 31-Jan-18 2 Identify Project Requirements 31-Jan-18 06-Feb-18 7 Define Methodology 07-Feb-18 10-Feb-18 4 Identify Project Contribution and Innovation 11-Feb-18 14-Feb-18 4 Design Stage 15-Feb-18 20-Mar-18 68 Basic Diagrams 10-Feb-18 18-Feb-18 8 Advanced Diagrams 19-Feb-18 27-Feb-18 9 Design System Architecture 28-Feb-18 20-Mar-18 21 Design Graphical User Interface 21-Mar-18 20-Apr-18 30 Implementation Stage 21-Apr-18 31-Jul-18 104 Module Design 21-Apr-18 30-May-18 42 Module Generation And Compilation 31-May-18 30-Jun-18 31 Module Implementation 01-Jul-18 31-Jul-18 31 Testing 01-Aug-18 01-Sep-18 32 Unit Testing 01-Aug-18 10-Aug-18 10 Integration Testing 11-Aug-18 20-Aug-18 10 Final Testing 21-Aug-18 01-Sep-18 12 Goals and Objectives (mandatory)In this project, we aim to build anapplication software that will be used on daily basis for the attendancepurposes which would be a service to reduce the attendance violation. ·       Ourobjective is to make software developers and user of the software to getinfluenced by our developed application. ·      To replace the current existingstudent attendance system process to fully computerized and automated studentattendance system.  ·       To develop a desktop-basedapplication that obtains the students faces every time they attend the classesfor attendance marking purpose.  Individual Tasks (mandatory if groupproject)MugheesAhmed (SDP-SP15-BCS-076): Code Writing, Module Designing,Data Collector, Literature Review, Open CV, Documentation Writing and Data Analysis.

MuhammadBin Mukhtar (SDP-SP15-BCS-031): Code Writing, LiteratureReview, Open CV, Module Designing, Data Collector and Data Analysis.MuhammadUmar Sarwar (SDP-SP15-BCS-010): Code Writing, DataCollector, Module Designing, Open CV, Documentation Writing and LiteratureReview. Tools and Technologies·      Java SE·      ObjectOriented Programming (OOP)·      Open CV·      Open CVLibraries·      SQL ServerMS Visual Studio


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