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ProjectPerformance KPI’s Cost, quality and time are the three KPI’sused for project evaluation. These KPI’s can show huge deviations based onseveral factors such as project life cycle phase, perception of peopleevaluating projects or its industry. Each organization would be havingorganizational stakeholders, product stakeholders and capital stakeholders.

Each of these stakeholders would be having different sub groups and they havedifferent expectations from the organizations. These groups may work directlywith the project and some groups may not be aware of the project at all. Still,the project’s performance will directly or indirectly influence thesatisfaction of stakeholders. The project’s performance also differs based onthe project life cycle stage.

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There are lots of KPI’s behind the classicalthree KPI’s. Satisfaction of Stakeholders and contribution of organizationalgoals are some other KPI’s useful for project performance.Project PerformanceEnterprise performance isvery critical in order to sustain in the market. Well performing enterprisesare able to sustain in the market with competitive advantage. Projectmanagement plays a critical role in order to provide best outcome for the gainsof an enterprise. Project manager takes care of set of tools to be used by theproject team and resources. Project manager also select the method for theproject implementation i.

e. Agile, waterfall and DevOps. Well managed projectprovides best results which helps an enterprise and its customers. Enterprisegets best set of tools which are helpful for the business users and customersget best products and services with the successful implementation of theproject.  Current market dynamics makesenterprises to keep updating their systems and tools in order to be adaptiveand sustain in the market by getting the competitive edge.Project Performance is dependent on specific parameters likeeffective and efficient use of budget and resources; Success of a project isdirectly related to the performance. Enterprise performance is directly relatedto the project performance because of parameters such as ROI, Profits, decisionmaking, user productivity dependent upon project success. Project successenables better user productivity and enhances enterprise decision making.

Inorder to be sustainable, Enterprises have to measure project performanceconstantly and keep up to date with the recent treads by updating theirsystems, products and services. Project performance is measured by ROI,Customer success, User adaptability and overall gains reflected after deployingthe project. Information technology projects are implemented in order toprovide better products and services to the customer and the enterprise users.Better products and services enables enterprises to gain customers whichincreases overall revenue for an enterprise. Project management is veryimportant in order to effectively and efficiently manage the project.

Projectperformance is tracked during project management. Performance is dependent uponthe tools, resources and overall project team including project sponsor.Project management makes sure that budget and resources are used effectivelyand efficiently.

Project success plays a major role in enterprise performance asinternal projects are implemented to help enterprise users in order to providethem set of tools which does analysis, enhance productivity, store informationand retrieve data base.  Externalprojects help client/customers to gain successes in their respective business.Quality assurance and security are also important factor that contributestowards the success of the project. Quality assurance and security requiresextra budget but that is required to deliver the success full project.  


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