Progressivism education. This educational philosophy reflects our

Progressivism emphasizes that the learners must be the center of learning. Since the learners are the ones learning, they should be the center of the teaching-learning process. With this, the learners are given the independence of their own, to show and express their learning to do and make the activities by themselves.

Furthermore, the learners’ experiences are being molded, and these make them grow, as individuals. From the time the pupils are given the freedom to act their way, the process of growing up proceeds, and they progress along the way of learning. We can also say that by this experiential learning and child-centered philosophy have to do with change and progress concept of education. This educational philosophy reflects our new curriculum which is the K to 12 curriculum program. It focuses at the child’s interest and experience.

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It involves the active participation of the learners in the learning process. For example, in art class, the teacher gives directions for the pupils to be followed for making an art activity. And the pupils are given the freedom and time to do their activity on their own, based on their interest, abilities and experiences. As they do it in their ways, there still the teacher to guide and assist the pupils.


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